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Excuse me, do you mind? I'm working on my presentation right now.

He truly is a woof from home type of dog.


Yo is this an NGE reference?

From the latest chapter 167

Shinji Ikari welcomes Denji to the fucked up club.

Guess I’m too good
  • souls games questlines except you didn't complete a quest but inadvertently triggered the flag to the bad ending for simply giving a hungry lady some grapes and the only way to fix it to is to beat an old smelly lady with a stick, go back in time to beat an old dragon, and stab yourself with a needle.

  • I want to like the Autocannon, but it's hard
  • You rarely have to deal with swarms with bots anyway. This is why the low volume of fire weapons like the snipers and the dominator are really good to use in the bot front.

    Edit: for context, I typically run AC, Dominator, Redeemer, Stun Grenades on Level 7 Difficulty.

  • char(ule) aznable