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Airport security missed live ammo in tourists’ hand luggage. The TSA doesn’t know how
  • A hypothetical version of myself may have worked in an International Airport as a security lead. That hypothetical version would have to pass through general passenger TSA and Border checkpoint dozens of times a day. They also may have always been carrying dab pens on him and his coworkers might have on several occasions just carried handguns through that they might have forgotten on their persons.

    Yeah Airports are to security as Ant traps are to an exterminator. Lotta smoke and mirrors. Most cameras are non functioning or just straight up not wired in the first place.

  • GTA 5’s story DLC was scrapped because GTA Online was a ‘cash cow’, cinematics editor claims
  • If you're careful enough like myself to cheat billions of dollars and XP in to skip the pay to win grind without getting detected it can be a fun time killer. The Map is much more developed than the story mode, and the buisnesses/ heists are a blast.

    People hate on GTA online, but it's really because it's all grindy to experience it all without feeling forced to buy shark cards. If you have infinite money then it essentially is another GTAs worth of impressive content. The vehicles alone have hours worth of customization.

  • What's stopping him?
  • Tbh as a man in his mid 20s, born and raised in the USA, and passed high-school constitution test; I don't think I could pass the citizenship test.

    It's over complicated by design.

  • Dynamic Duo incoming.
  • I envision after being tired of "standing" the child will recline back with the chest strap, and jamming the metal bar directly on the vertibre with their full body weight.


  • Why cant I just shoot my shot?

    Hey lemmos, and lemmettes. Just got off jury duty for a 3 day civil trial. First time juror, had a BLAST despite my expectations, really enjoyable to see a functioning justice system in person, and I also met cute gal also early 20s who was on the jury.

    Now some context, I have not had a date since my ex cheated back around the begining of COVID so ive basically lost any sembelece of self-confidence when it comes to flirting. I'm confident in myself as a person, I'm pretty rad if I'm not being modest, but when it comes to chatting up the ladies, I mentally only can visualize rejection.

    Now I was planning on asking her out for dinner or drinks this weekend following the case, but on the way out she was caught behind walking and talking with some other peeps. I got caught up in my anxious brain and just ended up bailing. Sent a FB messenger pm on the metra ride home but the profile is inactive so I think I missed my chance at a genuine connection.

    Why is my monke brain like this. Why cant I let myself be happy. **All I want is to give somebody the love I can no longer seem to give myself. **

    UPDATE: Connected over linkedin and gave it a shot. In a relationship :( . Still, glad that I tried, and thank you to all the commenters who helped settle my anxiety.


    Note the Mike Wazowski sperm.


    Beeg Yoshi




    This is Sparta?


    Why cant the Middle East just chill out?

    I didn't used to understand foreign involvement in wars, like the whole America-Vietnam shenanigans. But I can see why after watching this Israeli Palestine Conflict since birth.

    But now it's like watching two children fighting over who's sandcastles can be built in the sandbox. And what do we do if children can't learn to share? You take away everything and no one is happy.

    So is that what this is going to come to? Do adults need to intervene to quell the infants?