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Joe Biden calls Zelensky "Putin" right before huge press conference
  • I think that the POTUS should be extremely competent given how serious the job role is, I actually don't think that should be a controversial, let alone delusional point of view.

    The irony of people like you calling me delusional whilst you pretend Biden is up to the job leaves me lost for words.

    Biden's cognitive capacity is clearly in decline and if he manages to win he'll be 85 when he leaves office. Tell me one other person with a job role as serious as his that's served by someone like that.

    Yes, I know Trump would be a disaster, that's exactly why it's so important that the democrats put forward the best possible candidate they can and if that's Biden, I think we should all be very worried.

  • How do trees know?
  • It's feed back only in the sense that it can be seen as a success or a failure by an independent observer.

    It's not like a tree can see that last year's seeds weren't very good and try a different mutation this year.

    Genes are not self aware, mutations do not have an end goal and survival simply comes down to chance.

  • Joe Biden calls Zelensky "Putin" right before huge press conference
  • I honestly wouldn't care if he wasn't applying for what is arguably the most important job in the world and I think the "still better than Trump" argument is just setting an extremely low bar.

    I don't think knowing the difference between Zelensky and Putin is a big ask.

  • How do trees know?
  • There is no knowing or feedback.

    Mutations are random and there are many more failed mutations than successful ones.

    You only see the successful species for that very reason, the failed ones have not been able to compete or pass their genes on at an appropriate rate.

  • Missouri AG stops release of longest-serving wrongfully convicted woman
  • It's a sensitive topic but white and black people are genetically much more seperated than black and white rhinos which we are happy to describe as separate species.

    The term isn't outdated because it's incorrect, it's outdated because if you start saying different groups of humans are literally separate species it really feeds in to the racist agenda.

    Edit: Given the replies, it appears that I may well be wrong, I remember reading it somewhere but I can't find the source nkw. I'll downvote myself but leave the comment up because it enables others to learn from my mistake

  • Trump challenging Nancy Pelosi to debate is ‘usual projection of his own insanity,’ her spokesperson says
  • "but Trump's a raving lunatic!" Sticks fingers firmly in ears

    Edit: presumably I'm getting downvoted because Trump has set the bar so low that we're ingnoring the common opinion that Biden should retire gracefully rather than acting surprised when Trump wins and getting forced out anyway.

  • Pope clears way for 'God's influencer' to become a saint

    Carlo Acutis, who was born in London, is set to become the first millennial to be canonised.

    Pope clears way for 'God's influencer' to become a saint

    A colleague sent a video of a murder at work today and I'm still seething. What rights do I have? (UK)

    It's already well known at work that I don't just not like gore videos but that I hate them and actively avoid them.

    A colleague sent me a video of a man being murdered by axe via WhatsApp to my personal phone on my lunch break. Before I opened it I asked if it was a video that I would want to see (because I know what sort of character he is), he implied it was fine.

    Despite my suspicion I took his word and watched it. I immediately scolded him, he then made light of the situation, I told him that it wasn't funny and that if it ever happened again I would be making a formal complaint immediately.

    A couple of minutes later, another colleague came in to the mess room, the guy that sent the video made fun of me for not liking the video in front of them. I told him that he was making fun of me and that I wasn't ok with that.

    Do I have the right to not be sent murder videos? What would an employer do if I made a complaint?


    System Of A Down - Boom!

    Watching this video (probably 15 years ago) was the moment I realised I was left wing.

    0 UK facing food shortages and price rises after extreme weather

    Heavy rain likely to cause low yields in Britain and other parts of Europe, with drought in Morocco hitting imports

    UK facing food shortages and price rises after extreme weather

    Achievement unlocked!

    It wasn't a very long game but I had 0 inaccuracies, 0 mistakes and 0 blunders!

    The London is the first opening I've learnt, I've been practicing it for a while now and I'm feeling like I'm getting good at it.

    Maybe it's time to learn another opening. Any suggestions?


    The Other One free CD album

    Hi All,

    I accidentally ordered a double of this album, I'll send it to to one of you guys free of charge if you're willing to DM me your address (only willing to post to UK addresses).

    First come first serve!


    Car Mechanics of Lemmy - Do you have a puncture repair kit that you would recommend?


    I already have a good tool kit, drill, needle files etc, so I'm mainly looking for a kit that doesn't needlessly double up on tools that I already have but I'm here for your advice so I'll look at anything you recommend.

    Ideally the kit would have enough bits and pieces that I could store it and keep it for future punctures also, but I could just order a multiple of single use kits if that is what you'd recommend.

    Please let me know! Thanks.

    AmITheAsshole XIIIesq

    AMITA I did not disclose how much I have in a savings account to my girlfriend

    Hi All,

    I have a savings account for purpose of which is to save up for "new teeth". My own teeth are all rammed full of fillings, the bottom row are not straight to say the least and two on the top row have irremovable stains and one needs a root canal. I hate my teeth so I would like a much more permanent solution to all my problems, I've also always had confidence issues about my smile. (I didn't look after my teeth well when I was young, but that's another story)

    My aim is to save for all on four or all on six permanent dentures type thing. As a route to get decent looking teeth with no pain or infection problems. I have a savings account which I put in to every month to save for this and I think it will take another three or four years until I can afford them.

    Last night, my girlfriend of about two years who is currently moving in asked how much I had saved in it. We are a little tight on money right now, I work full-time but she has been struggling to get more than 9 hours a week that she has to travel quite far for. I took her question as a bit of a threat quite frankly, that if she knew that I had a fair amount saved, then I might seem like a tight arse for not being more generous with money situations. She does know that I hate my teeth and that I want to save to get them fixed.

    I said "none of your business" and I do now regret the tone that I used.

    The next morning she was in tears saying things like she couldn't understand why I would keep a secret like that.

    I have expressed to her that I regret seeming quite abrasive about what was possibly a fully innocent question on her part and explained that I thought personal savings were a private matter. I wouldn't ask her how much her savings were for example.

    I now understand that some couples have full financial transparency with eachother. But I for some reason feel quite uncomfortable about that right now. I currently pay all the bills which is fine, I've been paying for everything myself for the last eight years or so and she does want to start contributing a bit which is great. I don't have any secret debts or anything like that to hide.

    I know I could have handled the situation better but I'm wondering if I'm an arsehole for not telling her how much savings I have for a purpose of which I'm already considering as spent money?


    Advice wanted. Why does my cat jump out of his skin?

    Hi all,

    I've recently adopted an 8 year old ginger tom from the rescue centre. We don't know much of his history except for that his old owner passed away and no one else in the family was willing to take him.

    We've have had him about 8 weeks and he does have some strange behaviour issues like being a little bit scratchy and bitey, but this mostly seems to be misdirected play and he has been improving whilst we try to be understanding and accommodating. Apart from that he's a lovely cat. He's quite clingy and always wants to know what you're up to!

    Anyways, on to the question. Every know and then, when he is relaxing, not even asleep sometimes. He will launch him self out of his skin! It's obviously a fear reaction but I have no idea what sets him off. He recovers from this almost immediately and usually just starts relaxing again.

    I wondered if anyone had any experience or advice of a cat that does this? I've had cats my whole life but I have never seen one do this before.


    Quiet PC build

    My first PC build in ten years, my current PC hardware is incompatible with the latest windows release. I'm aiming for quietness and reliability over power.

    I'm quite excited to get my hands on some parts again. Let me know what you think! :D