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Trump classified documents judge is target of more than 1,000 complaints, appeals court reveals
  • You notice how you go completely outside the context of this situation?

    Let's say Hillary was on trial and we had a situation like Trump's. If Republicans did this exact orchestration of complaints I guarantee you this sub would be screeching about obstructing justice and anything else related.

    I feel like you're going to have a hard time sticking to the context of this situation and not go about what Republicans have already done which I know and understand but that doesn't mean we should be doing bullshit like this.

    It obviously did nothing good. It never was going to. What was the point of it? Why cheer it on? Why not just let Jack Smith corner her like he obviously is doing and not interfere?

    Please tell me how this was actually a good thing vs just bad overall. It's extremely hypocritical for us to raise pitchforks toward the right about everything they do and then cheer something like this on. Sure, it's not as low as the right has gone but that does not give any reason for why this was the right thing to do over just letting Jack do what he's doing.

    Now complaints can't even be sent in. Way to go Democrats. You blocked off all complaints for a judge about something we all know she's doing. So now if there is anything new to complain about, shit outta luck.

    Like, cmon dude. You're allowed to be critical of your own political party. Just because Republicans have done what they have doesn't mean we should start doing shit like this.

  • Trump classified documents judge is target of more than 1,000 complaints, appeals court reveals
  • Sure, but why not just be better than them in every single aspect we can be? How about we let Jack Smith do what he's obviously trying to do and not do bullshit like this.

    It obviously did nothing good. It only makes us look bad. There was no way this would ever go in our favor. You're using the excuse of they did bad stuff so we can stoop a bit also. How about not?

  • Trump classified documents judge is target of more than 1,000 complaints, appeals court reveals
  • Congrats, look what You've done

    You think this actually did anything good? Seriously? If there was a case against Democrats and Republicans did this exact same thing you guys would be spewing about how they're trying to stop justice and messing with the legal system. Nothing good was done by this.

    And yes, you can actually be a Democrat but see outside the echo chamber of social media. How about you let Jack Smith do what he's trying to do and not allow this bullshit to be cheered on.

    Now please tell me why I can't be a Democrat just because I decide to call something out that obviously will do no good for anyone? I would love to hear it. It's crazy how if you don't fit all the criteria on social media of the echo chamber you suddenly can't be what you claim. It's so hypocritical, especially for Democrats to say shit like that

    Guess what? You're actually allowed to criticize your own political party believe it or not. The Democratic party isn't supposed to be a cult but when you aren't even allowed to criticize your own party it really starts to look like one doesn't it?

  • Trump classified documents judge is target of more than 1,000 complaints, appeals court reveals
  • True but if we switched sides here for a moment the left would be yelling foul play and I'm a Democrat. Just lots of visible hypocrisy

  • chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    MSContin is the worst for me

    So I was prescribed 15mg MSContin on top of my 4 7.5mg Percocets daily. Oh my God. I had SO MANY SIDE EFFECTS. It made me violently ill. The first week I was actually happy because it worked very well for the pain but the longer I took the more it wrecked me.

    Once the side effects hit I was puking like every 3 days with an incredibly sensitive stomach daily so I had to be careful even drinking water. Then I realized I hadn't shit in like 6 days. On Tuesday morning I ended up projectile vomiting all over my bathroom trying to make it to the toilet at 8am. That wasn't the first time it happened.

    I decided at that moment I'm done with this pill. Can't keep putting myself through this.

    I had my pain apt yesterday and he is gonna switch me to oxycontin because I have no side effects from Percocets. I'm either a no side effects or I'm dying side effects person. No in-between. I've always been like this.

    So I just gave up on taking my morphine. I've been putting myself through withdrawals. Yesterday night I ended up just cutting one in half because I didn't think I'd be able to sleep and needed to work today and it helped enough I was able to sleep but still felt like shit and same with this morning. But, in that time frame I should've taken 3 but I only took a half so I did good. I also completely cleared out my system because of diarrhea due to withdrawals and I've never welcomed it so much in my life lmao.

    But man, what a horrible experience. The side effects were awful. I'm still in withdrawals but it's better than taking that pill everyday. I'm hypermobile so I have a lot of muscular pain and this obviously is just exasperating it but I'll make it through. I get the new med this next Wednesday. I told him though if I get side effects I'm done with extended releases because I've had issues with multiple. He agreed and told me he'd just up my Percocets to 10mg if that happens.

    What an awful 3 weeks though. I can't wait until this is over. I feel like I've been shit out of luck with issues this year so far and I just need to bring back some stability into my life (pun intended cause get it? Hypermobility?)

    This is my first experience with withdrawals to this extent. I've experienced a bit before like 7 months ago when my pharmacy decided to wait until like 6pm to fill my meds and I get refilled when I'm out. I know it's just a glimpse of withdrawal but I can see where it's horrible

    I went to pick up a package this morning and wanted to go to the store after and after I got the package I just mindlessly went back to my apartment and realized it. So then I went to the store and for whatever reason grabbed a Gatorade and opened it immediately and just zombie walked through the store for like 5 minutes drinking it before I realized what I was doing lol. I obv paid for it but I thought it was pretty funny. I haven't had such a "what the fuck am I doing" moment in quite a while

    [FRESH ALBUM] Oddisee - Odd Sketches Vol. 1
  • Just discovered this guy cause of this. Thanks

  • The Ruin That a Trump Presidency Would Mean
  • Have y'all heard about Trump being the antichrist? I'm not religious but it's eery how closely it matches up. So many specifics that can't just be made up.

    Here's a link if you're curious -

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I'm a Democrat but the funniest part is, I agree with you. But that goes for both sides in their own way. No one cares about good stories now a days. The only thing people care about now is the bad stuff. Everything good gets swept under the rug but that's how the system rigged everything. Everyone is threatened by everything and always feels in danger so when that happens all they surround themselves with is what they fear. It's a harsh truth. Gotta divide the people because what are the people going to do to improve anything when they can't even get along with each other and see any good in one another.

    I was watching something the other day and there was some plot on invading a country and one of the steps was to create tension within the citizens and create infighting because the people are already doing their bidding. It's telling

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • A feel good cop story but everyone will ignore it because they only care about the bad

  • Hydroxychloroquine could have caused almost 17,000 deaths in six countries during COVID, study finds
  • Yeah sorry that's what I meant, catching it before it's too late. I'm really really sorry you're experiencing this, that is terrible.

  • Hydroxychloroquine could have caused almost 17,000 deaths in six countries during COVID, study finds
  • Yeah my rheumatologist did mention that to me but he said it takes years and years to start to form and is easy to revert. He just said to get eyes checked every year

  • Kate for Skull Candy
  • Damn this randomly popped up on my feed. I forgot about this girl. I beat off to her so much when I was younger

  • Hydroxychloroquine could have caused almost 17,000 deaths in six countries during COVID, study finds
  • Oh wtf this was one of the drugs people used to poison themselves with? I was prescribed this a month ago because the rheumatologist told me is the safest drug for auto immune issues although I still need to take mehtylprednisolone every few months due to spinal inflammation that messes with nerves.

  • Armed man breaks into Colorado Supreme Court building, causes “significant and extensive” damage
  • You should be able to fight your own battles without using separate accounts to make it seem like others are validating you. I hope you're able to find happiness and confidence in life. I hope you're not older than 16, otherwise I would recommend going to therapy. Pretty disturbing behavior honestly.

  • Armed man breaks into Colorado Supreme Court building, causes “significant and extensive” damage
  • LMAAOOO You replied to me on the wrong account and deleted it 😂😂 Way to use your alts to back yourself up😂 My god I had suspicions when those 2 came back to back saying nearly the same thing but you really messed up. It's truly beautiful. Even more evidence to back up how much of a moron you are. The insecurity is unreal. So beautiful

  • Armed man breaks into Colorado Supreme Court building, causes “significant and extensive” damage
  • You're still a moron. Still why I said "even if". Thanks for the supporting evidence. I can see you're breaking by the multiple replies

  • Armed man breaks into Colorado Supreme Court building, causes “significant and extensive” damage
  • Can you please tell me how someone can make something political when the entire conversation was political from the start? All I've learned is that you're a moron. You're somehow trying to connect this to this Colorado incident but the thing is, I actually have evidence you're a moron and act like a MAGA person even if you're a Democrat

  • I thought fhis was a dart being shot at a gorilla and monke was trying to grab it

    Books SpezCanLigmaBalls

    After a long period of no magic fantasy books, ive been reading 'In the shadow of lightning' and absolutely loving it. what would some other books i might enjoy? If you read ITSOL how did you like it?

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    MME limits really bother me for people with chronic pain

    I'm already at a pain mgt clinic but I've never seen a doctor there so I decided to checkout another one. So I asked my neurologist to refer me one and I had the appointment with them today.

    They're great and I would actually talk to doctors there which I like but they have a MME requirement which is much lower than the CDC recommend max which is 90MME. This pain clinic has a max of 50MME.

    Not only that, but Colorado protects doctors here from lawsuits and says it's okay to go over 90 mme if needed

    I currently take 40mg hydrocodone a day so there's only room with 10mg more if I switch to this clinic.

    That really sucks because he told me they would rotate meds for tolerance reasons so they would switch me to oxycodone then a few months later morphine and so on so tolerance doesn't build for one medication. But that 50mme is tough because for me to be able to do basic activities and be active in life I'm going to need more than that.

    It was so nice to be able to talk to a doctor who understands opiates without feeling stigmatized while asking my questions and saying my thoughts and experiences with certain pills and how one has helped my pain more and etc. compared to talking to a young NP that doesn't understand.

    It's tough because it seemed like a great clinic but that limit may be a deal breaker.


    Ear wax rule

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    This shit sucks and is hard

    I really hate chronic pain lol, obviously. Today's been hard though. Last week I met with a new neuromuscular neurologist and she told me bad news. She disagrees with my previous neurologist on the CIDP diagnoses and thinks that I have an extreme case of small fiber neuropathy.

    I can't stand in one spot for more than a few minutes without my legs starting to shake or walk up or down hills. Eventually they'll give out and just tremor. She doesn't think I'll get em normal again. She said I could get some functionality back but that's it. That's also with nonstop water therapy and normal physical therapy.

    Same with pain. She thinks I'll be on pain meds forever. Not only that, but the nerve pain in my legs and low spine pain hasn't gone away since the blood patch 4 months ago. I got 500mg methylprednisolone infusions for 3 days a month ago and that helped a lot and I was hoping it would go away but it didn't. Still can't have my legs in certain positions. I got acupuncture today and she did cupping on my back and did it on my hips and lumbar spine and that general area and it made it flare up. Had nerve pain in my legs the entire time. I just got a lumbar pillow and can't even use it because it makes my low spine hurt and nerve pain in my legs.

    I got wheelchair assistance for the flight home for Thanksgiving and that was really tough to do mentally. The flight home also caused a lot of pain. Not only that, but I got into a huge fight with my mom and brother because they can't seem to comprehend the fact that I'm not gonna be in a jolly mood when I'm in a lot of pain.

    What the new neurologist told me sucked. It has a lot of implications. Been a mentally rough week and a half. I try not to think about my future but I have been. Idk if I'll ever be able to get into a relationship with how my life is currently. I'm just exhausted. All of this is just too much. I wish I'd wake up one day and it would all be gone and I could live the life I had a year and a half ago


    Scientists simulate what its like to dive into uranus 😎 Scientists Simulate What It's Like to Dive Into Uranus

    Researchers recently simulated an atmospheric probe mission through Uranus and Neptune's atmospheres inside a plasma tunnel.

    Scientists Simulate What It's Like to Dive Into Uranus
    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    Anyone try a tens unit?

    I've always read mixed things about them and for some reason I always thought they were thousands of dollars. Finally decided to look them up and to my surprise they're not lol. Don't ask how I got that in my head.

    I went ahead and ordered one to see if it helps. A lot of my pain is muscular and I will have muscles that will seize up for basically days. Even if this can relieve some of it, I'll be happy.

    Any have experiences with them?

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    Im really scared to fly home for thanksgiving. I need to vent

    Flying home for Thanksgiving will be the first time I've flown since things got really bad. I'm 26 and I set up wheelchair service for the airport. Never in my life did I think so much could go wrong so fast.

    I'm scared to see my brother and mom. They haven't seen me since April and stuff just has gotten worse. The pain from flying is going to be so bad. 3 hours in a plane seat. Not only that but parking, the bus ride to the airport, even being on the wheel chair will be so exhausting. I'm going to be in so much pain. It's really hard to handle that this is happening.

    When I originally went to my pain management doctor she said her goal is to get her patients to participate in life. But due to my age she is reluctant. I take 30mg of hydrocodone a day and 50mg of tapentadol xr and it allows me to do chores some days. Some days I can shower. I know I metabolize oxycodone way better than hydrocodone from when I got it at hospitals. I don't know how but I need to get her to understand I'm miserable. I've tried.

    I'm just having a really hard day today. I'm so scared of flying home and back. I'm scared of my future. I don't know if I'll get my leg function back to how it was. I don't know if the IVIG infusions will help. There are so many unknowns and I'm stuck. My pain management doctor could help me more but she doesn't. I'm grateful for what I have but it's not enough.

    In just over a year my entire life flipped upside down. I moved to Denver to hike, mountain bike, snowboard, play sports, etc. I wanted a new life and now I can't do any of that. I try to not think about the future and just go day by day. I don't know. Simple things are so hard for me. I was so active, I did so many physical activities. I just walked from my apartment to the amazon locker to pick up a package which is a 3 minute walk each way and that hurt and got worse.

    I don't know how I'm going to live the rest of my life like this if the IVIG doesn't work and my pain management keeps on being reluctant on my pain meds. I can't live life like this. I'm so embarrassed. Why did this happen to me. Every simple thing is so hard like unloading the dishwasher or laundry. I keep my clothes in the dryer and just take them out as I need them instead of folding because I dread it. It can cause so much pain. I just don't understand. I can get complete paralysis of my legs just by walking up or down a small hill where they seize uncontrollably. Or even laying on my back and lifting them up will do it.

    I'm having such a hard time today. Everything I once knew and did is gone. My entire life. It's even affected my lungs. Some days I simply can never catchy breathe. It's hard to breathe some times.

    I just don't know if I'll be able to hold it together when I see my mom. I've barely been holding it together recently in general. So much has gone wrong and it makes no sense. I just want to go outside. I want to go make new friends. But I can't. It's so embarrassing that this is happening to me. I just don't get it. Some days i can barely even watch TV it's so bad. I just want to be normal again. I want to have my life back but I don't know if I ever will

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    My neurologist is going to start me on IVIG infusions

    During my apt Wednesday with my neurologist he mentioned starting me on IVIG infusions. He also referred me to a rheumatologist and I thought I had seen him first but I don't. He wants to get me going ASAP to get my insurance to accept it along with scheduling cause that can take a bit.

    Im excited. The solumedrol 500mg infusions are starting to kick in on the 3rd day. I actually woke up in the least amount of pain than I have in a long time. I've only gotten mehtylprednisone once prior in March and other than that only Prednisone. The original methylprednisone helped me but the normal Prednisone never did with my normal pain. Today was my last day of it.

    I'm not sure what that implies that mehtylprednisone helps my entire body pain but normal Prednisone doesn't but I'm sure it means something! Maybe it's simply the dosage. Because originally I got 125mg of methylprednisone and the Prednisone pills were only 40. This methylprednisone is 500mg. So maybe my body just requires a high dose to help it. It's definitely helping my lower spine and nerve pain in my legs thank God.

    Anyway, I'm excited for the IVIG infusions. I hope they help. I also see a neuromuscular neurologist day before Thanksgiving, rheumo my neurologist referred me to on the 13th of December, and my PCP referred me to the university of Colorado for a rheumatologist. So I still am going to see a lot of people coming up but I hope that the IVIG does something.

    Also, something that I find interesting with this mehtylprednisone is that I feel my body weight on my muscles. Idk if muscles have gone completely numb and I never noticed but yesterday when I woke up it's like I could actually feel my body weight on my legs and upper body. Previously I realized I felt weightless and it was super weird. Woke up again this morning and the same thing. Like it was hard to walk and I could feel my muscles contracting. I have a rubber tape thing my PT gave me for arm workouts and whenever I used that I could not feel any type of burn in my muscles. I felt nothing. Although, I still get a lot of muscular pain but everything is technically "nerve" pain. That could be due to some muscles not working so other muscles have to compensate so there's an imbalance from my EMG results.

    So he has officially gave me a diagnoses of CIDP

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    For the first time one of my doctors acted immediately upon something without question

    Wow. I have never had someone actually truly believe me and give me something I need right away. First off I should say my neurologist is convinced I have CIDP and my reactions from my spinal tap and blood patch 3 months could be a cause to my reaction

    So I went yesterday to my neurologist to go over my muscle biopsy report along with my nerve pain from my blood patch. My muscle biopsy shows denervation a long with other tests supporting CIDP.

    So, when I told my neurologist about my nerve pain he thinks it could be my body just reacting poorly to any sort of trauma. Not only that, but where I got my muscle biopsy is still a tiny bit swollen 6 weeks later which he thinks is also a reaction of my body being in overdrive. His clinic is connected to a infusion clinic. They work together. So, he told me he is sending in an emergency solumedrol 500mg infusion for right then and there at the apt so I got it then for an hour, then I'm going in today, and tomorrow for more infusions.

    I should feel amazing about this but you know, pain messes with your mind and I am happy but it doesn't last long. Regardless, my neurologist truly believes me, didn't question it, and acted right away. I'm really hoping this helps because my nerve pain and low back pain can be unbearable

    So he basically put me on the emergency arachnoiditis protocol.

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    Ive had many MRIs. For the first time im nervoue about the one i have sunday

    I'm getting an MRI on Sunday to see what damage has been done to my lumbar spine from a blood patch. Long story short, got lumbar puncture, CSF leak, blood patch = lumbar electric shocks + muscles around lumbar cramping + from soles of feet to lumbar spine feeling like I'm being stung by bees + sensation of ants crawling all over legs + feeling of something swollen in my lower back.

    Like, I know something is really wrong with my lumbar spine. The dude who did my blood patch royally fucked up because during it I got bad nerve pain and it hasn't gone away 2 1/2 months later, got worse. Nerve pain and spine stuff isn't anything to mess around with especially when it's combined. I want to know what's wrong but at the same time I don't. Because, if I find out what's wrong then I can learn whether it's treatable or not (I doubt this) along with getting a diagnoses and then I can learn how bad all my symptoms will progress + what else is to come.

    My neurologist thinks I still have spinal fluid leaking, inflammation, and a mass forming in my spine. So in short, arachnoiditis. No bueno! It don't feel good. What upsets me the most about this is what if we can get my other pain figured out but now I'm left with permanent damage in my spine? I've gotten Prednisone twice for this and it's helped both times.

    Do you think I can go to the store and upgrade or buy a new spine? Sounds good to me!

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    Doctor Patient Forum - A nonprofit organization that fights for the wellbeing of chronic pain patients The Doctor Patient Forum

    The Doctor Patient Forum a non-partisan, community-based organization working to support pain patients and their physicians with access to lifesaving pain relief and to mitigate the harmful effects of efforts to curb liberal prescribing and overdose.

    The Doctor Patient Forum
    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    Drug and Medical Supply Shortages Impacting Patient Safety at ‘Alarming Rate’ Drug and Medical Supply Shortages Impacting Patient Safety at ‘Alarming Rate’   — Pain News Network

    By Pat Anson, PNN Editor Over half of U.S. hospitals are reporting shortages of drugs and supplies used in anesthesia, pain management and emergency care, according to a new survey by a nonprofit healthcare organization. Nearly nine of out of ten (86%) respondents said they were rationing or restri

    Drug and Medical Supply Shortages Impacting Patient Safety at ‘Alarming Rate’   — Pain News Network

    The pain medication shortage needs to be stopped. They are attacking the wrong people to act like they are fighting the 'opioid epidemic'. I hope everyone has been able to get their filled on time if you are even able to get them since doctors are terrified to prescribe them now a days.


    Good science/space app?

    I enjoy reading new scientific discoveries whether it is about space, new footprints, new buildings found, etc.

    I really enjoy the New Scientist app but it's $10 a month. I've looked at a couple of other apps but they just don't hit the spot. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I'm using android if that matters

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    It be like this everyday

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    Just got a muscle biopsy on my right thigh

    I’m hoping this muscle biopsy will give me some answers. The emg I had showed muscle and nerve not working correctly in my thigh we haven’t found anything that can tell us why and what damage was done during my period of acute inflammation. Hopefully this can give us a hint as to what’s up.

    When I woke up from the anesthesia I came to and I was fist bumping every nurse in the room 😂 They said I won the award for the funniest wake up of the week. For some reason I told a nurse that had nothing to do with my case that I loved her while she was leaving lmao

    chronicpain SpezCanLigmaBalls

    I’m unfortunately posting again because my nerve pain came back months post blood patch

    About 2 months ago was when I got my blood patch after my lumbar puncture a week and a half prior.

    For a week after my BP I had bad nerve pain in my legs. I was on prednisone for a week after and it helped it subside until now.

    So about 2 months after the blood patch my nerve pain in my legs has come back. It took a month and a half after my blood patch for my csf leak symptoms to finally go away.

    It’s like I just can’t win. The nerve pain in my legs has come back with a vengeance. It’s the worst when I’m laying down. It’s like someone is trying to rip off my legs from my the soles of my feet to my low back. It’s like a bad stinging pain that you just want to stop because it’s so uncomfortable. Not only that, but it’ll feel like bugs are crawling all over my legs.

    It started off small but then has got worse every single day to where I can’t even sit comfortably anymore without nerve pain. Only been a week since it came back and it’s hit hard. My lower back where I got my blood patch has also gotten sensitive and hurts.

    Not only that, but just a few days ago I started to get headaches again while standing up. I was like ahh this has to just be a coincidence no way I’m leaking again. Well, it hasn’t stopped. I am also getting nauseas.

    Nerve pain is the absolute worst because you know it can grow to absolutely ruin your life and there’s no stopping point for it. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m obviously going to talk to my doctors but like Jesus Christ. I can’t deal with damage from my lumbar puncture and blood patch.

    What I don’t understand is that gabapentin doesn’t help this nerve pain at all, but my Hydrocodone does. Gabapentin helps my other nerve pain but does zip for this. I don’t know why Hydrocodone would help this situation. Ahhhhhhh I just want to scream it’s never ending


    Make hide/blur nsfw per account instead of universal


    Wiz Khalifa - Real Rappers Rap Wiz Khalifa - Real Rappers Rap [Official Music Video] - YouTube Music

    Produced by @BigJerm412 Download Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm Now Khalifa Kush available now Tayl...

    Wiz Khalifa - Real Rappers Rap [Official Music Video] - YouTube Music