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Compat report Starfield

I don't know if this is desired, however I personally would appreciate compatibility reports for newly released games.

Since I preordered with early access I can contribute.


CPU: 7800x3d
GPU: 7900xtx Nitro+
Memory: 32gb ddr5 6000mhz
OS: Fedora 38 KDE (Wayland session)
Runtime: Proton Experimental

Game launches flawlessly and remains stable when alt+tab'ing out of the window.

Steam overlay flickers if you open it in game but does function.


4k medium, VSync off, no FSR gets me mid 60's fps.

4k medium, VSync off, FSR2 Quality gets me 80fps (with dips into low 70's).

(Default) 4k medium, VSync off, FSR2 with 50% resolution scale. In this configuration I get 100-120fps.

Unfortunately, the game does not have VRR so it locks to the monitors refresh rate (manually set to 120hz in my case).

As such the game does stutter when it dips in frames so you may want to target your 1% lows or avg fps to guarantee a smooth experience.


At medium the game does look good, although the sprites for fire could be better and have more bloom.

If they add VRR, and steadily work to optimize performance this could easily reach a 10/10.