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TimLovesTech TimLovesTech (AuDHD)(he/him)

Hi I'm Tim.

I'm AuDHD - officially diagnosed ADHD and self-diagnosed (for now) with ASD. I also suffer from a great deal of Imposter Syndrome.

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Upgrading to Lemmy 0.19.4 Release v0.19.4 Release · LemmyNet/lemmy

Release notes Full Changelog : 0.19.3...0.19.4

Release v0.19.4 Release  · LemmyNet/lemmy

Upgrading the site to Lemmy 0.19.4 so expect roughly an hour of downtime. I'll update this post right before I take the site down, and again once the site is back up.

Edit #1: OK, site will be going down now 11:31am EST. Edit #2: Site is back up - upgrade complete @ 10:46 pm EST.

A lot of things broke I didn't expect, so please let me know if you find something not work as you believe it should be and I'll see what I can do about fix it (hopefully quicker). Again, sorry about the downtime!

Will Trump go to prison for felony hush money conviction? Experts are split - ABC News
  • Agreed with what you are saying, but my point was that the media as a whole has to stop writing headlines/articles like his base is going to:

    1. read them
    2. not call it "fake news" anyways

    The media's constant crusade to "both sides" every story is a disservice to the facts, and down plays and white washes the facts for everyone. Calling it just a "hush money" trial is a way to downplay the fact that it was actually Trump's way to hide a damaging story when he was running for office. And the crime was the way he hid the payment so that it wouldn't look like it was being done on behalf of his campaign, while breaking Federal tax laws making Cohen's reimbursement look like income. It was also a crime allowing the National Enquirer to pay to catch-and-kill stories for the campaign as illegal campaign contributions (as they were above legal contribution limits, and were unreported).

    So yes it was fraud, and it was fraud against the American people, in the form of voter manipulation, and tax evasion.

  • Will Trump go to prison for felony hush money conviction? Experts are split - ABC News
  • I wish the press wasn't so afraid to write Election Interference in their headline. That is what that case was about, that is what made it a felony. Calling it the "Hush Money" trial is trying to "both sides" his coverage.

  • [META] Political News
  • The post sounds more like a limitation on negative press than a limit on poor sources. Might be a better idea to just temp-ban politics all together till after November, then nobody needs to try and interpret this post that doesn't seem to align with what is being agreed with in comments.

  • [META] Political News
  • Trying to make the news "fair and balanced" or "both sides" sounds like a great way to enable fascism. If a candidate is going to continuely do/say things that are going to have a large impact on the country, then reporting on that should absolutely be shared without fear of a ban just because the "other side" hasn't done enough negative to write about.

    I understand not wanting to be filled with shit posting, but legit news sources should be the goal, not trying to balance reporting which IMHO sounds more like election interference.

  • Petition | Meta has announced it will be abandoning CrowdTangle, its industry leading transparency tool, this August - in the middle of the biggest election year on record
  • He's shown you who he is, I think we need to start believing him. He has also surrounded himself with even more unhinged and dangerous people this time around. They have a plan this time to keep power and end elections. Putting your head in the sand doesn't make him and his cult any less of a threat, and plays right into their playbook. They want you to become disengaged, to burn out, to think he is "just joking", or just "telling it how he sees it", or worst of all "the new normal". These all leave his cult emboldened and with less resistance to grabbing power.

  • The Cloudflare Poison
  • Agreed, it can work for those wanting to be an admin (and know enough to be "dangerous"). I think the bigger issue comes when you want to open services to the internet, because unless you are an admin you probably don't want to do that without a proxy (and possibly firewall) of some kind in front of your home network. Which is kinda what I was thinking with this anti-Cloudflare post. If you are interacting with the Internet you have to trust a network and hardware outside of your own. And I think it's naive to fear the 3-letter orgs being inside Cloudflare, and then thinking that putting your data in a datacenter you don't control is any "safer".

    I think ultimately if the 3 letter groups want your data that bad because you're on some list, I think the internet as a whole is something you should probably be avoiding anyways. And for randoms, if they are sweeping up data like that you can be sure they would do it at more than just Cloudflare.

  • Nintendo And Sega Raid Longstanding ROM Sanctuary To Remove Tons Of Classic Games
  • I saw an article earlier today speculating that the iOS emulator might have raised the awareness drawing the eye of Nintendo, Sega, and others.

    Edit - Ha! It was this article.

  • The Cloudflare Poison
  • So does everyone here that fears Cloudflare as secretly out to get them not believe that the NSA doesn't have their hooks in all the major datacenters? The same datacenters used by all the major web hosts people are using to "self host" for privacy.

    Personally I think you have to have faith at some point that everything from your node to the destination is on the up-and-up unless you have a concrete reason to assume otherwise. Otherwise you should be suspicious of your ISP's network and every switch/router/firewall/node your data traverses on the internet. And being that paranoid basically means anything you didn't review the code of and compile yourself should be out of bounds.

  • The Cloudflare Poison
  • This rant is about using Cloudflare as a proxy, nothing to do with who you buy your domain name from.

  • Petition | Meta has announced it will be abandoning CrowdTangle, its industry leading transparency tool, this August - in the middle of the biggest election year on record
  • I know I'm feeding a troll, but US democracy is on the ballot this year. Previous years have been big years, but this could be the last election in the US. Trump getting to the White House will allow him to save himself, and he will be bringing Fascism to a whole new level in the US with Project 2025 and all the truly evil folks in his cult leadership circle.

  • Donald Trump in breach of £300,000 legal costs ruling after losing UK dossier case against former MI6 spy
  • At least two of the early members have already been indicted for insider trading, and I think it was the brokerage company for Truth also had some fraud charges against it. But that evaluation is 100% bull for a company running in the red the whole time and no plan on actually breaking even let alone making a profit. All serious investors have said it's basically a scam for suckers (his base that he despises).

  • The Biden Campaign is Courting an Unexpected Group of Voters: Republicans
  • Because the "never Trump" part of the Republican party knows that a vote for anyone but Biden helps Trump.

    And it's probably not a huge percentage, but it is a percentage Trump is going to need to contend with. But that is why Trump's campaign contributors are also funding RFK Jr's campaign, as they need him to get the "never Trump" crowd.

    Also funny enough there is a wiki page: List of Republicans who oppose the Donald Trump 2024 presidential campaign

  • The Biden Campaign is Courting an Unexpected Group of Voters: Republicans
  • I think they will get a percentage of the "never Trump" section of the Republican party. The real question is what that percentage of the Republican party actually is, as admitting that currently can open people's worlds to a deluge of toxicity/ostracizing.

  • It Was Legal Boilerplate. Trump Made It Sound Like a Threat to His Life.
  • More than that, they unprecedentedly arranged with his lawyers to pick a date/time that NONE of his family, let alone himself, were even in Florida! This is 100% intimidation of law enforcement in retaliation for the justice system FINALLY trying to hold him to account for his lifetime of crime.

  • GOP senators warn judge against sentencing Trump to prison
  • I wonder what the GOP take on Hunter's trial is going to be? I'm going to go out on a limb and say, if convicted they will praise it, while at the same time saying Biden has the DOJ weaponized against Trump. If Trump's DOJ hadn't shut down all investigations into his crimes I'm sure his Federal ones would have started while he was still in office. He also wouldn't have had to rush to announce his running to make his cases "political" even though nothing states he can't be held accountable and campaign at the same time. Running alone shouldn't be treated as some shield to prosecution as it is due to everyone afraid of looking "political" and feeding right into the crazy arguments from criminals.


  • Wisconsin attorney general files felony charges against attorneys, aide who worked for Trump in 2020
  • Troupis @ 70 yrs old doing crime could mean his last days could be in a cell if he were to get the full 6 yrs possible. That kind of blind loyalty to Trump that has zero F's for this man just shows how sad it is to be a member of a cult.

  • 'Someone is overly obsessed': Fox News host can't stop talking about Trump's prison body
  • I had read in the past that Trump also believes that the bodies energy can be "used up" like a battery and is one of his many reasons he never does physical activity.

  • High Rates and Prices Leave Many Stuck in a Starter Home
  • I think a majority of this depends on the market. I have seen 4 houses sold on my street in the past 2 months. And 3 of those were in May, and the 4th was April but is being flipped I think and back on the market with a higher price (more inline with the current area - and to recoup renovation costs).

  • Lemmy 0.19.3 Update

    The server has now been updated to Lemmy 0.19.3 release. Let me know if you see anything that seems broken, and enjoy!


    Lemmy 0.19.2 Update

    I have updated the site to Lemmy 0.19.2 so let me know if you notice anything ... wonky. =)


    The Holidays

    I just wanted to wish anyone like myself, that struggles with the sheer amount of stimulation and hustle bustle of this time of year, the best of luck. You got this! I know it's not easy, but we will make it out the other side and hopefully not be to mentally drained (fingers crossed).


    Lemmy 0.19.1 Update - Incoming

    This is just a heads up that I'm readying the server for the new 0.19.1 update so there will be a little downtime for the site once it begins. I'm hopeful that I can do it without buggering the whole thing up and needing to do any restores. =)

    See you on the other side!


    Updated the instance to Lemmy 0.19.0 Lemmy v0.19.0 Release - Instance blocking, Scaled sort, and Federation Queue - Bad at being social

    cross-posted from: [] > ## What is Lemmy? > > Lemmy is a self-hosted social link aggregation and discussion platform. It is completely free and open, and not controlled by any company. This means that there is no advertising, tracking, or se...

    As the title states, the instance is now running Lemmy 0.19.0 release. Overall I think it's running good, and some good quality of life features added.

    You can read more about it here.


    Updated the instance to the newest lemmy 0.19.0 builds

    I just update the instance to the newest lemmy-ui:0.19.0-beta.1 and lemmy:0.19.0-rc.1 builds, and as far as I can tell nothing blew up. =)

    Oh and the site should work with logins now as well that was broken by an in between build that changed the database but not the front end to talk to it.


    I broke all the things!

    My constant quest for the new shiny caused me to bork the site for a short time until I could grok what I did wrong and fix it.

    Sorry if anyone was inconvenienced!!


    I understand.

    This is just a post to validate anyone who doesn't feel seen. If you think you might be autistic or have ADHD (or both), your feelings are valid, and I understand.



    Maybe it's just me, but hopefully not, but the thing I love about music is when it's able to express and/or make me feel emotions I personally would never be able to articulate.

    I listen to alot of "Jam Bands", and I think the greatest draw for me is when you get a band passionate about making music for ppl to enjoy and they can just go all out for 20+ minutes ... It's like your just someplace else and I feel it. It's almost like a comfortable weight (I like pressure/weight on me). If the lyrics are amazing even better!

    I also enjoy music that has some amazingly expressive lyrics, but with music that's "raw" (full of emotion).

    I just got done watching this [NSFW] video of The Carasmatic Voice watching Rage Against The Machine for the first time. The emotional weight of the song is pretty high for me, and then watching her reactions and break down is just wow. She gives a description and can explain why I feel the way the music makes me feel that way and it's just ... amazing and I love it. Like I feel the rollercoaster and anger and her ability to process and describe it adds like another satisfying layer on top of the music for me.

    Sorry for the wall of text! Noted the video is NSFW because Rage is more often than not going to be something corporate overlords are NOT going to be excited to hear employees listening to at work.


    Sometimes ...

    I hate the days (like today) that I spend all my free time doing something I find interesting instead of doing all the stuff I know needs to be done, just because my brain finds it more interesting.

    (the interesting thing was this site btw)


    Instance Updated

    Updated the instance to the bleeding edge, because I can't NOT if I know that I can. I do hope that it will help with some federation/community stuff that I am seeing.


    Welcome to Autistic with ADHD

    I hope that this can become the Lemmy version of /r/AutisticWithADHD and be a safe place for all. Creating this community, and instance, has been my hyperfocus since Reddit announced the API changes. It has been a lot of hours in the works, but if I can use it to give back to the community and provide a safe space for anyone with Autism or ADHD, or both, then yay!