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How to combat creeping firefox enshitification?
  • Make it a key combo that shows the option to skip or something like that.

  • How to combat creeping firefox enshitification?
  • That's why it would be nice if there was just a "go away and stop showing helpful tips" button when you first start up a fresh browser install.

  • Self-hosting Photo Alternatives
  • Luckily all of the changes so far have been super easy and quick, they're very good about posting detailed info on what to change.

  • Mozilla is adding tab grouping, vertical tabs, profile management, and local AI features to Firefox
  • If it runs locally then no data ever leaves your system, so privacy would be respected. There are tons of good local-only LLMs out there right now.

    As far as performance goes, current x86 CPUs are awful, but stuff coming out from ARM and likely from Intel/AMD in the future will be much better at running this stuff.

  • (Newbie question) Did i handle my system crashing correctly?
  • You're much more patient than I am, my method is hold the power button down until it shuts off lol

  • Repository Overhaul in new F-Droid Client 1.20
  • Their SSL cert expired, must be one of those days where the renewal job failed for no reason like mine sometimes do lol

  • How to image a Debian system on a zfs mirror?
  • You could use something like Veeam Endpoint (free), it will image while the OS is running so the underlying ZFS system shouldn't matter.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • What’s the use case for something like this?

    I could see it being handy for work, sometimes when designing parts I'll find a component that looks like a good fit but will forget to note it down or bookmark it.

    Summarizing previous conversations with a customer for support via email/chat would also be nice, so I don't have to manually go through a bunch of threads to remember what products they have and such.

  • Is Privacy Worth It?
  • It's one of those things where some changes can be pretty easy with minimal fuss and they work essentially the same, switching away from Chrome for example.

    But some things are very involved and take a lot of work, and experience will suffer because features will be missing or the alternatives are buggier. Trying to switch to Matrix instead of Discord and Telegram for example was something I gave up on really quickly, it's just not there yet for me.

    Lemmy is kind of in the middle for me, usability is generally as good as reddit, but instances are often slow or down so comments/replies don't post properly, images will load slowly, videos often not at all.

  • Restore immich photo backup?
  • Permissions issue maybe? Although being able to see the files in the containers terminal seems like that wouldn't be the case.

  • Restore immich photo backup?
  • Add the existing base folder as an external library, and use a new folder as the main immich folder for uploads.

  • FUTO funds Immich with 3 year commitment: the best image gallery software
  • Yeah, shotwell looks good if you're a single user and already have all your images stored locally, although if you wanted face tagging DigiKam is also a local only photo management app that does some more advanced stuff.

  • FUTO funds Immich with 3 year commitment: the best image gallery software
  • Nextcloud is so slow though, I just wish they would fix the performance of it. Taking 2+ seconds to load a file browser is crazy.

    NC has also had some major data loss/corruption bugs I've been hit with, I switched away from it because I was tired of the bugs.

  • FUTO funds Immich with 3 year commitment: the best image gallery software
  • If this is a serious comment, a lot.

    Immich is server based with a webUI, multi user support, has automatic backup from your devices, with face tagging and object tagging.

  • Any Calendar app for windows?
  • Does it need to be a native app? There are good web calendars out there as part of things like Nextcloud, SoGo, etc..

  • Window size
  • Are you on Windows? If so hold shift while closing the window and it will remember the size and position next time.

  • [Repost] Reliable alternatives to AWS Deep Glacier for ~5TB?
  • Wasabi and iDrive E2 are 2 others I know of similar to S3 and B2.

  • Always follow 3-2-1 backup rule
  • IMO backups on the same provider aren't really backups. Good that they had some at a different one.

  • New Photon front end
  • It looks pretty nice, although a bit much wasted space for my tastes. Anyone else feel like it's running at 20fps and also doing some weird smooth scrolling thing?

  • superfile - A pretty fancy and modern terminal file manager
  • Nonetheless, as a Linux user, you are encouraged to build directly from source.

    Yeah screw that lol, I want my OS to just work and be easy to use with minimal fuss.

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