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LGBTQ+ -Emma-

🏳️‍⚧️ trans girl in southeast Louisiana looking to make friends

Hi, I'm Emma (she/her).

So, long story short:

  • I am lonely

  • I wanna befriend some local LGBTQ+ people here in southeast Louisiana

  • I can't send/receive direct messages to/from Lemmy users with this Mbin account, but I have a Lemmy account I can use if necessary

About me:

  • I'm a 90s kid

  • I'm a trans girl

  • I began transition, including HRT, January of 2023

  • I suffer from OCD

  • I'm a Linux nerd, kinda

  • I use PureOS on my Librem 5

  • I use QubesOS on my Librem 14

  • I use pfSense on my firewall/router

  • I'd like to think that I'm somewhat good at writing

I'd love to meet some LGBTQ+ people, but I don't know how. The only support group I've found is exclusively online via Zoom, and only Facebook users are allowed. As a privacy and security obsessed person, I'm totally excluded, and I just feel so trapped right now. I want to meet people offline, and I just don't know how.

And I'm really sad right now thinking about how much I love the friends I've made online in the past few months and how I feel so isolated from them.

It hurts to post this, but I feel that I must. I don't expect to find anyone, but I have to try.


DMs between Lemmy and Kbin/Mbin still do not work, so here is my Lemmy account:

@[email protected]


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  • I don't think the Fediverse has enough of a reach for the time being for this type of request to gain much traction. I don't have an issue with anyone attempting it, but I feel that it'd be disingenuous of me to not point out the plethora of mobile apps geared towards meeting people in your area, some romantically, some platonically. I hope you're able to find people to be yourself around.

    • I appreciate the recommendation, but there really aren't any mobile apps that are compatible with my Librem 5 phone. I run Linux, and I'm not comfortable running "traditional" apps that contain surveillance malware and engage in data harvesting. Social websites generally tend to require too much personal information, and so I feel banned from those platforms. I'm very glad to have access to the fediverse. Without it, I would have nothing.

      I'm going to try to go to Pride events for the first time in my life and see if I can find anyone.

      • I hope you are able to find what you are seeking. And aside from mobile apps, there are also bog standard websites you could potentially use. Many require some personal information but some of them don't.

        The first one that comes to mind is fetlife, and while yes, it's generally used as a romance or fetish thing, it's also just a good way to get out with a group to chat about whatever and hopefully find people with similar interests. See if there are any open invite munches happening in your area, those are generally the basic entry points for anything else.

        • I've checked out fetlife, but it unfortunately requires javascript, which is a hard pass from me. I don't feel comfortable accessing sites that block users like me. The reason that I use kbin/mbin is because it does not require javascript at all. Account creation and use of the platform are free from that requirement, giving me a better user experience and increased privacy.

          Thank you for the suggestion though ❤️