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I really think that Felkins need Lore

While dragons remain my absolute favourite furry (scaly) species by a pretty wide margin, in recent months I've gotten really interested in Felkins for a few reasons.

And if one thing about them sticks out to me, it's just how weird the amount of porn they've managed to accrue is, considering that outside Furaffinity and e621... it's like they don't even exist.

I can't think of any other species that manages that. Pokemon have absolutely earthshattering popularity, but they have a very reputable series of games behind them. Avali have Starbound and a 131-page lore guide. And other original species... regardless of design, generally don't come anywhere close to the amount of great porn Felkins have.

But if you search for Felkin outside our favourite horny sites... well, they don't seem to have any story to them at all. No media whatsoever. Not even memes. Even the official reference for them on Deviantart barely has a paragraph about them. (and much of that official reference gets gently ignored, like muzzle colourations and being herbivorous)

So... How to make them exist outside of just porn? I think that for that to be possible, the first, most essential step is lore. They need a story. An identity. A culture. If I asked someone what they thought a wolf or a dragon should act like, they'd have opinions.

While I know it's ambitious, I'm going to tell the story of Felkin in my DnD game as the game expands and unfolds, in hopes that the lore I can create will lead to them being able to finally exist. But if anyone has thoughts and suggestions, I'd like to hear them.