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Viceroyalty of New Spain, c. 1800

Viceroyalty of New Spain (1521-1821) comprising five royal audiencias and over twelve Catholic dioceses covering vast and diverse territories that included present-day Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, Florida, the Midwest and Southwest of the United States, California, and the Philippines.

Insightful comment:

Small correction, "San Miguel" on Vancouver Island, ie, Yuquot on Nootka Sound, being marked 1795 isn't right if the date is supposed to be when it was established. The outpost and fort at Nootka Sound was abandoned for good in 1795. It was first built in 1789.

The Nootka Crisis took place there in 1789, leading to three diplomatic agreements between Spain and the UK, averting war. The third agreement, titled "Convention for the Mutual Abandonment of Nootka", was signed in January 1794. The agreement involved naval officers meeting there to conduct a official ceremony, per the agreement.

Because it was so far from Europe it took over a year to actually do it. Still, on March 28, 1795, officials met at Nootka Sound and did a odd little ceremony, raising and lowering flags. Then the outpost and fort were dismantled for good.

Also, Russian American was not yet defined as the shape of present day Alaska state until the 1820s. In 1800 Russia was still fighting the Tlingit for control of Sitka Sound. It wasn't until the 1804 Battle of Sitka that the Tlingit left the Sitka area, letting the Russians control the west side of Baranof Island. Russia definitely did not control the rest of southeast Alaska until later.

Finally, that far north area labeled "unexplored" was partially explored by 1800. Alexander Mackenzie traveled the river named for him to the Arctic Ocean in 1789, for example.

Oop, and one more—wow the mapmaker put Monterey, California, in a totally incorrect place. And spelled it wrong too. Monterrey is the one in Mexico.