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Jonathan Frakes on WGN News

This just popped up on YouTube, and I thought everyone here would like to see it. It's meaningful to me because I had no idea that Frakes was personally engaged in the fight against pancreatic cancer (because of his late brother). The highlights are:

  • Science Fiction is not Frakes' "genre"
  • How Frakes' wife (Genie Francis) almost got attacked by a lion when she was a child
  • The Riker Maneuver (Frakes is still a little embarrassed)
  • Why Riker played the trombone
  • How Daniel Frakes died
  • PanCAN's Purple Stride Walk (It happened on April 27th. Sorry, this video is a week old. They do have weblinks at the end of the video if you're interested in helping)
  • man I have this on every day and this is the part I end up missing.

  • Science Fiction is not Frakes’ “genre”

    Strange thing to claim. The vast majority of movies and TV he has directed has been sci-fi or fantasy.