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  • Edit: i was being melodramatic, I will still leave this up.

    My home country is eating away at itself. 🫤 Every day I hear news of how the US is chasing the clouds, attacking the "illusive newfound chinese power". The US is acting like the king from double king.

    • The US is trying to prevent both China and Russia from:

      • Spewing propaganda to its citizens by posing as citizens or manipulating social media algorithms
      • Taking advantage of the work it and other countries have done to advance computing
      • Stealing designs and advancing them without giving back
      • Stealing designs and using state money to undercut the competition's pricing
      • Buying up the world while refusing to let the world buy any of China
      • Expanding their borders by violence

      Among many many other things. I think this RISC-V thing will go no where but I get why they're looking at it.

      There's plenty the US is getting wrong... But I don't think trying to limit China's growth and power on the backs of western technology is one.

      • I hope not, its extralegal. I understand what they are trying to do and still beleave they are okay with personally doing all that stuff but upset when anyone else tries. If these 3 countries keep this up, we will likely have multiple fallen empires on the world stage.

          • It's perfectly legal. These things have been done throughout the US and European history.
          • I'm unaware of any instance of the US getting upset over an ally taking similar action.
          • I doubt it. They're doing a lot of this because next generation warfare depends on advanced chips. They want the west to have the chips and technologies it invented and to keep them away from China and Russia so long as they continue to act hostile. It's all to minimize the risk of global conflict by minimizing access to the "materials of war." They're not doing this because they're worried about Chinese and Russian gamers having too much fun.
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      double king

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