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Have you ever just suddenly felt like someone punched you in the face (or elsewhere), for no obvious reason?

My right eye just suddenly feels like I have a black eye out of nowhere (didn't injure it or anything recently). It doesn't happen often, but this is something I've felt before. What the fuck is that? Did a ghost punch me in the face or something? I wanna hold some ice over it but I'm not sure it would do anything since nothing actually hit me.

Edit: Not like a migraine; it's not a pressure behind my eyes, it literally feels like I've been punched and am nursing a black eye. The lower eyelid is tender AF, too, if I touch it. I posted this before I went to sleep and I just woke up about an hour ago and it still hurts.

Edit 2: You know what? It might be from wearing my VR headset. It was on kinda tight last night and the way it sits, most of that pressure is right at the top of my cheeks, just under my eyes. I might have burst some blood vessels and gotten a bruise.