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/kbin meta Bipta

Anybody else frequently getting logged out?

I log in and I find an hour later I'm logged out. This affects all of my devices.

  • Happens all the time to me. Kbin is like two months old. It works surprisingly well for how new it is, especially considering the volume that's being driven its way. A few hiccups are only to be expected. I just get back on the bike and start pedaling again.

  • Same, I assume its something to do with how the cloudflare stuff or bot mitigation is going, but these are just guesses.

    • Right now this is something like the old wild west of the internet in the late 90s. I think a lot of the initial instances that were spun up weren't ready to deal with the amount of traffic they're seeing. Servers are probably being updated, upgraded. And then on top of that I'm not sure if the software on the back end was ever tested to scale with large volumes of incoming traffic, which might be causing bugs to appear. Add to that a lot of the apps we're using are in Alpha stages and maybe causing login issues and you can see it might be a cluster 💣 for a few weeks.

      Sit down. Buckle in. Enjoy the ride.

  • I don't mind the logging out after a while sitting, but it's not very obvious you're not logged in and if you don't realize and make a post to submit, it's gone when it goes to the login screen. Just a popup to say you've been logged out with an option to log in would help I think.