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Trump co-defendant's attorney says client only conspired as fake elector for '26 minutes'
  • "it would have been quicker too had the victim not resisted so much."

  • Free-Market Advocate, Elon Musk, Asks for U.S. Government to Put Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports
  • I agree that's it's a "hate the game, not the player". The issue is how much influence he could have to steer the market to favor his product vs. the competition. It's happened so many times in history where the better product fails because they can't play the game like the inferior company.

    To quote "Pirates of Silicon Valley":

    Steve Jobs: We're better than you are! We have better stuff.

    Bill Gates: You don't get it, Steve. That doesn't matter!

    So is it fair for the consumer for big companies to be able to influence the game itself and not just play within the same rules? I'd say no.

  • OpenAI pauses ChatGPT-4o voice that fans said ripped off Scarlett Johansson
  • Sam started this. The comparisons would have come up anyway, but it's a lot harder to dismiss the claims from users when your CEO didn't tweet "her" before the release. I don't myself think the voice in the demos sounded exactly like her, just closer in seamlessness and attitude, which is a problem itself down the road for easily convinced users.

    AI companions will be both great and dangerous for those with issues. Wow, it's another AI safety path that apparently no company is bothering exploring.

  • OpenAI says Sky voice in ChatGPT will be paused after concerns it sounds too much like Scarlett Johansson
  • Irony, since Scarlet had dubbed over the original voice actor Samantha Morton because in post Spike Jonze realized the voice needed something "different". So in the movie they needed to turn the dial up a bit, while in reality they started at 11 and had to dial it back.

  • Sovcit sent in a "payment", T Mobile doesn't think so.
  • These people seem to think the meme about the spider picture sent in an email as payment was a how-to and not a joke.

  • There's your problem right there...
  • Oil change, had to drop the round metal filter with I think 6 nuts. Don't forget to get a new gasket. Valve clearance adjustment, a constant regular thing with these. Not hard, just tedious and sometimes the spring holding each valve cover on could be a pain to pop loose. Transmission level check (that was fun). I loved my Beetles, learned a lot about car maintenance (by necessity lol) but I wouldn't have another at my age now.

  • Must be from the South
  • It's people from the North driving in the South, with the sudden realization that the snow that fell and started to melt yesterday refroze and isn't snow anymore. Anyone can drive on snow...but snow doesn't stay snow in the South.

    This also applies to any Jeep/4x4 drivers who seem to think physics works different for them.

  • Methane emissions from gas flaring being hidden from satellite monitors
  • Hang on. I misplaced my surprised face...oh, here it is.

    Huh, who would have guessed?

  • Charlotte shooting: Four officers shot dead, four wounded, in North Carolina home siege
  • I did comment that enforcement seemed to be part of the problem here, yes. Do the laws need to be more strict? I doubt that will fix any enforcement, since that's the failure.

  • Charlotte shooting: Four officers shot dead, four wounded, in North Carolina home siege
  • Guns are regulated. How much regulation, who gets allowed, what types of guns, and if the regulations are being enforced, those are the real questions. This warrant and shooting is a result of a law that wasn't enforced well, as they had already broken the law once and yet someone sold/gave them guns again.

  • What happened to "You're welcome!" as a response to "Thank You"? It's not even included in the canned answers on an apple watch. Have we as a society abandoned it?
  • Languages change over time. As long as the intent is clear, don't get hung up on what is and isn't "correct". "You're welcome" probably was seen as extreme at some point itself.

  • Biden's 13th-Quarter Approval Average Lowest Historically, Least Popular President in 70 Years
  • The variety of actual polls on each President is very odd. Apples, oranges, and fish?

  • If you're selected for jury duty (US), should you give up your anonymous social media accounts?
  • That feels like a privacy issue, maybe related to the topic of whether or not they can force you to unlock your phone? I don't know where the current law is on that.

  • How is the hydrogen made?
  • Solar panels (PV) degrade over time and use and have to be replaced and disposed of. A better case would be for things like solar furnaces that are simpler, but most of the time solar implies PV panels.

  • How is the hydrogen made?
  • In the spirit of the comic - how is the solar panel made?

  • Live Updates: Haley Is Expected to Suspend Her Campaign
  • It does seem to be a cartoonish world.

  • Supreme Court Rules Trump Stays on Colorado Ballot
  • States' rights, unless it's inconvenient.

  • Earrings look unattractive on both men and women.
  • A very good "normal" example of body modification, just not as permanent. And there are degrees to that as well...I've seen lipstick colors that just enhance the lip color and give a sheen that I don't think twice about, but even my favorite celebrities look off putting to me when made up "heavily". I'm a bit on OP's side as far as preferring the natural look, although minor studs or a small tattoo somewhere don't catch my attention in a negative way, if I even notice.

  • Kamala Harris issues sharp rebuke of Israel over ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Gaza [Guardian staff and agencies | 3 Mar 2024 | The Guardian]
  • Absolutely, although isn't a major job for the VP to handle international affairs, which this definitely is one?

    I just wish we had other choices out there. I'll vote blue and persuade others also because the choice given the voters is bad politics as usual, or insanity. I can vote for Biden/Harris and still hope (with much doubt) for more progressive actions from underneath.

  • Advice on rebuilding eroded area

    I have an area between two houses that has for years lost a lot of soil due to water runoff from the front roof. That runoff is now resolved via gutters and a drainage pipe to the back, so now the struggle is what to do in building the terrain back up flat, best cover plants, etc.

    The first thought is to just throw down some top soil to build it back up level and then grass seed, but I'm betting that's the wrong way to approach it, especially since it's now cooler and heading into winter. I could just wait until next year, but I'd like to repair what I can beyond just putting dirt down (which could still erode and be a mess).

    The area had lost probably a few inches of top soil and grass from original construction, down to the clay substrate. There is some tree coverage as well, so it's partial shade which I know is problematic for good grass growth. I'm open to other cover plants, but it does have semi-regular foot traffic with landscapers, kids, pets, etc.

    Is there a reasonably quick fix to do something?

    /kbin meta Rhaedas

    Lots of new spam

    There's been a definite uptick on spam bots lately, all Kbin users. I've been reporting them as I see them while browsing new, but it gets tedious. Sorry about the report spam, mods. Does the new user registration need to be tightened up any?


    Individual script modification and updates

    This feels like a stupid question, but there's plenty of techniques out there that more expert coders use that I don't know about. How do you preserve minor or major changes you may have made to a script made by someone else while still being able to update any new changes they have? Besides the obvious way of saving your changes somewhere and reinserting them.

    /kbin meta Rhaedas

    Open links to new tab/window

    I don't see a way to make most/all links open to a new tab. I like this because it is/feels faster than going back with the browser back arrow, and I'd think it would eliminate a lot of reloading calls as well as maintains where you last were.