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YSK: Googling for terms on all lemmy domains
  • OP is sharing a very useful tip for people new to the Fediverse. Let's not allow our pedantry to get in the way of what is still a helpful tip please.

  • We should defederate from
  • As such I am expecting the full support of the community in defederating with

    No. Get fukt.

    If you want to enunciate an argument for defederation then use your grown-up words and make the argument. But you can take your holier-than-thou strong-arm tactics and shove them.

  • Main mod of r/piracy demoded by reddit and forcing the sub to open up again
  • You're not following what I'm getting at. Reddit wants to have plausible deniability so they reach out to mod teams asking them to Judas on their fellow mods. We don't know how many agreed to turn on you -- maybe it was one, maybe it was 51%, maybe it was all of them.

    The mods go to Reddit and say "yes we'll work with you to get the subreddit back up. But we don't have access to demod the head mod." Reddit says "say no more, I got u." They demod you, and say "If you have any questions go speak to your fellow mods. WE didn't make the decision, we were asked to demod you by your fellow mods."

    Your fellow mods also have the extra perk that they can deny betraying you. "WE didn't demod you, Reddit did! SEE the mod logs!"

    Plausible deniability all around.

  • Main mod of r/piracy demoded by reddit and forcing the sub to open up again
  • From reading the screen shots you shared:

    "We are reaching out to any moderators currently on the mod team who would be willing to take steps to reopen the community"


    "If you have any question regarding your removal, you can contact the moderator team for /r/Piracy"

    I mean, it's pretty obvious one or more mods rolled on you. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be argumentative with you, it's very shitty and Reddit sucks. We wouldn't be discussing this here if I was a friend of reddit.

  • Main mod of r/piracy demoded by reddit and forcing the sub to open up again
  • Understood, I'm not saying this wasn't sleazy. Just saying that they appear to have gotten permission from x% of mods on the sub.

  • What is a technology growing up that when you saw it, it blew your mind?
  • This is mine as well, but it wasn't on PC that impressed me. It was the first time I called Directory Assistance and at no point in the call a human was involved. Until then every demo of voice recognition had been a goofy parlour trick. Voice recognition software was very niche, and only marketed to secretaries for dictation. To suddenly see it in a practical application to completely replace a human interaction blew my mind.

  • Main mod of r/piracy demoded by reddit and forcing the sub to open up again
  • Wait this doesn't add up. The posted screen shot isn't coercive. It's asking if anyone on the mod team is willing to betray their fellow mods. If not, cool. Sounds like there were one or more mods on the /r/piracy team who chose the "betray" thing.

  • Does anyone feel like the Internet is alive again?
  • Have you noticed how many of us old shits there are in the fediverse? It's a disproportionate number. I think many of us miss the freedom and chaos that the internet once was and are looking to recapture the excitement that the internet lost at least a decade ago.

  • Does anyone feel like the Internet is alive again?
  • Yup, I went through all those same stages and am loving the Fediverse. I had forgotten how it felt to have to EXPLORE. To find good content, to see something that's (only mildly) outside my comfort zone, to use a tool that's still a WIP. I spent 15 years on Alien Site and it was just the same jokes, the same content, all the same topics, the endless commercialization of every word you say.

    No it's not as easy to find content here. No the apps aren't as polished. But it really feel like how I felt back in the BBS or Slashdot days. I hadn't realized how miserable I was with the current state of the internet until I abandoned all the mainstream sites.

  • How to show only subscribed magazines / communities?
  • Also, is there a way to only see posts here on this ( instance?

    I don't believe so, anyone in federated instances can reply to or create a post in a magazine on this instance. But by default when you browse (and subscribe to) magazines you're only doing so to ones on this instance.

    If you've subscribed to a community on another instance you're probably already aware of it, and you can both identify which ones are outside, and browse individual subscriptions by going to Settings --> Subscriptions. See below that I'm mostly only subscribed to local magazines on this instance, but I'm also subscribed to a Lemmy community and it's very easy to distringuish.

  • What's an inexpensive or low-quality item that you ended up loving and keeping for years?
  • I'll make a French omelette in my non-stick, you can make one in your cast iron pan. Then we'll compare.

    There's a reason professional kitchens NEVER carry cast iron pans.

  • What's an inexpensive or low-quality item that you ended up loving and keeping for years?
  • This may not meet your "keeping for years" criterion but never invest in expensive non-stick pans. Don't go super cheap either, but something basic like T-Fal. Non-stick pans wear out over time ALWAYS. So there's no point buying premium ones.

    Get something good enough that it's got a flat base and the coating isn't paper-thin, but beyond that save the big $$$ for cookware that doesn't have a non-stick coating. And when they eventually wear out you won't feel bad tossing them in the trash because that what you'll have to do anyway.

  • Reddit CEO Steve Huffman: Reddit “was never designed to support third-party apps”
  • I worked for Microsoft for many years and the fact is many companies' marketing and PR departments think their customers are morons. Or perhaps it's that they think their customers don't mind being treated like morons.

    The shit they would send flowing down the pipeline that we were supposed to say to our customers just blew me away. "You know our customers aren't STUPID right? I can't talk to them like they're stupid or they'll escort me off premises."

  • Would this instance consider an option for users to hide scores in the UI from ourselves?
  • I've said it before, I don't think posts (or users) should have a number associated to them. It promotes karma whoring. And I don't say that in an accusatory way -- I watch the upvote counts with excitement when I submit a post too. It's just human nature.

    If a post was rated "Very unpopular", "Somewhat unpopular", "Neutral", "Somewhat popular" and "Very popular" then you could still identify the hot posts but without engaging the reward/addictive centre of the brain.

    Same with users. Don't give them an endlessly growing "karma" number that encourages spamming low quality populist posts. Once they hit "Very popular" there's no more incentive to make submissions purely for the seratonin fix.

  • Duplicate Pages Across Fediverse
  • It the admins on one server are assholes, they don't have the power to ruin it for everyone.

    Exactly. One of the big issues with the r-site. There's only one community for any one topic and there are more users (and content) than they could possibly use. Ever tried posting to /r/ShowerThoughts? It's virtually impossible to come up with a topic that makes it through the filter. And it won't change because deleting 90% of submissions still leaves more than enough content to fill the page. It's easier for mods to just delete content en masse and ban a user than even engage in a conversation with them.

    (I'm not picking on the mods on /r/ShowerThoughts, I've never interacted with them. I'm just using the sub as an example where the community is so big that an individual user is just an annoying gnat in the grand scheme of things).

  • Which Pixelfed accounts to follow for quality content?
  • Happy ro ruin your day! :) Have fun!

  • Which Pixelfed accounts to follow for quality content?
  • Happy ro ruin your day! :) Have fun!

  • Are we 'Shadowbanned' from beehaw?
  • *instances

    Their own instances.

  • Which Pixelfed accounts to follow for quality content?
  • I just go to Discover --> Trending --> [ Today | This Month | This Year ]

    Pixelfed is still a relatively small community and you're going to find many of the best people to follow just by looking at trending.