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Adobe putting spam in notification tray on Windows

This popped up on my work laptop yesterday. Very annoying.


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  • If you can avoid Adobe, FoxIt Reader isn't too bad. I have to uncheck some offer every time it updates, but I've never had it bug me otherwise.

    • Firefox can open/edit PDFs too, so you could get rid of Foxit since it's obnoxious as well.

      • It's more to do with workflow for me. If I close the wrong Firefox window I could lose my session with 10k tabs. 😆

        I know there's ways to recover but last time I really considered it I found it more comfortable to have a separate app for PDFs. Do what you feel. ✌️

        BTW I don't work for FoxIt nor has any money changed hands between me and them. It's just what I wound up using circa 2015.