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Koala lover here with posts that has been removed and was not notified as to the reason of it.

Hi, I don't understand what is going on and I'm not if I'm going to have to create my own community. I had made posts which are related to koalas in communities where they are on-topic and were removed with no reason given to me. I'm now more frustrated that another one got removed from an Australian with no reason given, and I'm wondering if I either need to look for a community not on Lemmy or Reddit, or create one somewhere and try to get people to join it.

Anyway, here is an example of one of the posts of mine that got removed and I don't know what it could be in violation of.

*Greetings, I'm Konala Koala, a new koala lover who has found this little corner after continually searching for any save koalas movements that are going on and perhaps growing. I'm currently feeling sad, a bit depressed, and worried about the deforestation and destruction of eucalyptus forests that happen to be koala habitats. The only things I can think of which might help draw attention on this tragedy is I had discovered there is a prototype for a Care Bear Cousin Koala going on forty years old and has never been produced or released. According to some Australians on this in another community, is she could been named Nurture Heart Koala according to her artwork. The poor thing, if she could get made and seen in Australia, especially Queensland, she could probably make a really good talking point that could lead to nurturing the koala populations back up. Here is a link to the prototype koala cousin plush I'm referring to.

Also, I did notice someone had posted a picture of a koala statue they had seen, possible at a zoo or sanctuary near Brisbane in Australia, that is dressed as what appears to be Sailor Moon. Not only did I find that very cute, but it is something that could lead to possible ideas for a fan fiction based story series about Sailor Koala who defends and saves koalas in Australia. Taken from Sailor Moon lyrics, these could be like her lyrics. "Fighting deforestation evil by moonlight! Winning koala love by daylight! Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Koala! She will never turn her back on her koala friends, she is always there to defend! She is the one on whom koalas can depend... She is the one named Sailor Koala! With secret koala powers, all so new to her! She is the one named Sailor Koala!"

Anyway, I can see there are two rules which that prohibit selling anything and running a fundraising event, but I'm not doing neither and just talking about some ideas that may be good and don't know if they are going to need explicit moderator approval.*