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So every time a discussion about Dragon's Dogma came up, I was apparently thinking of a totally different game.

I could have sworn that I had played Dragon's Dogma before because people told me it was like Skyrim and Dark Souls had a baby but I found it to be more like Monster Hunter on the Source engine.

I fired up the game since I do actually own it and it was totally not the game I was thinking of. I don't remember a damn thing about this but it really is like Skyrim and Dark Souls had a baby. So now I have been wondering: What fucking game was I mixing this one up with?!

It was setup exactly like Monster Hunter where you do things in a little hub city to buy, sell and upgrade shit, check out mission boards and gather a party before using a boat to head to the mission area. The mission areas were super linear paths like Monster Hunter, but without even the facsade of being in a bigger area and you could do things like use ropes to tie down bigger monsters while your DPS attacked the monster. And it was built on the Source engine. I can remember all that but I am drawing a blank on the name since realizing it's not Dragon's Dogma.