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Europeans of Lemmy, what places in Europe should foreigners avoid at all cost?
  • True, but also if you go to Amsterdam as a tourist, you'll end up in the tourist trap places. Shady coffee shops, tours of the red light district, and over priced bars where you have to pay for toilet usage. And you can be rushed through the Anne Frank house for a price.

  • The Delusion of Advanced Plastics Recycling
  • In Europe, big oil companies are teaming up with waste companies to source waste plastics. Traditional mechanical recyclers are already doing bad, because the same big oil is flooding the market with cheap virgin plastics. Chemical recycling is basically a big (marketing big, not actual big) green washing scam.

  • That’ll be Why the Median is Barely Over 40
  • Maybe as a rule of thumb it would always be the lowest bracket for the US. I live in the Netherlands, and the mode here is as a rule of thumb about 79% of the average. This gives a mode of 44000 euros annually. So it doesn't have to be the lowest bracket.

  • Not to mention an XL
  • That's also an issue, I have a Roman foot shape, which is less common. The worst part is, when shopping for shoes, lots of sales people will go out back to check for sizes, and come back with a size 46. "Yes, but these tend be larger size." I know, my feet have the same tendency.

  • Not to mention an XL
  • I know this is a joke, but this actually pisses me off. I have a shoe size 47 (EU), and Adidas goes up to 48 and 2/3 most of the time. Only problem is these shoes are still too small for my feet.

  • What is an easy instrument to learn?
  • The easiest to learn is the kazoo in my experience.

    More serious: reading music isn't nessecary to learn how to play an instrument. For instance, guitar can be played using tabs or even chord progressions.

  • Private Equity Firm Bought My Employer
  • I meant debt indeed. And as long as the company survives, nobody is going to investigate where the cash is flowing. If it does go bankrupt, someone might. The question is, who is going to pay for the investigation to prove the wrong doing?

  • Google AI making up recalls that didn’t happen
  • My actual opnion is that they don't want to think if they should, because they know the answer. The pressure to go public with a shitty model outweighs the responsibility to the people relying on the search results.

  • How are Book Bans Constitutional?
  • In the Netherlands, only one book I know of used to be banned (maybe it still is). The publishing rights of the work in question were claimed by the state in this instance, and they refused to allow publication of the book. The book in question was the Dutch translation of Hitlers "Mein Kampf".