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I can't disagree.
  • Yeah, all my older cars worked like the truck you mentioned. It wouldn't click or do anything if the bulb was out. That was handy for knowing it needed replacing I suppose.

  • I'm Not a Programmer, but Here’s Why Linux Is My Daily Driver
  • Most of the programmers I know (including myself) use Linux or BSD, but that all depends on who you associate with. A lot of companies are purely Windows shops and others just throw their programmers mac books and call it a day. At my last company I was only briefly allowed to use Linux until they decided it was no good as I couldn't use whatever resource intensive corporate garbage security software of the year they bought.

  • Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
  • Agreed, most of the super hots aren't actually very good tasting at all and you'd be better off sticking with a cayenne, hot Thai, or maybe a Red Savina. I have grown and had tons of super hots over the years and the only ones I actually likes were the Chocolate 7-Pots and Trinidad Moruga Scorpions. Even then, I would usually not use them in cooking as they just overpower everything with heat.

  • Dealing with games that just won't run on Linux
  • Mostly same here, but (I have an SSD with W10 on it. I haven't booted into my Windows drive since 2023. I only had a a few games installed on that drive, but it was also useful for the rare instance that I needed to some some propriety configuration utility.

  • What is the consensus on Super Mario Sunshine?
  • I am the opposite. When I was younger, I have significantly more free time and certainly better reflexes.eye-hand coordination. I doubt I could come close to beating any of the more challenging NES games that I did when I was a kid (not that Mario Sunshine was in that era).

  • What is the consensus on Super Mario Sunshine?
  • Your experience mirrored mine, except that I also played the original. The game had some good ideas and mechanics, but it was frustrating and one of the few Super Mario games that I didn't even want to finish.