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3 years and 35+kg later, my Gene Café finally (kinda) paid for itself!
  • Well, it’s a practicality thing. I’ve researched all the various roasters out there over the years, and always balked at the price tag. I’ve recently been gifted a nice grill though and had the thought of possibly of using that. After some looking online I found that while not the most common way of doing it, some folks do it frequently.

  • 3 years and 35+kg later, my Gene Café finally (kinda) paid for itself!
  • Your post and reply to my comment has sent me down a rabbit hole I’ve been down many times but with a new angle. I’ve wanted to try my hand at home roasting for a while, but now I think I want to try it on my grill outside.

  • Lauren Boebert clocked at 19 mph over speed limit and now faces court date: report
  • Controversy over real estate was involved somewhere in the Clinton administration (the Whitewater scandal iirc), but I believe the articles of impeachment were issued over perjury committed while making statements under oath about his relationship with Lewinsky during some sexual harassment lawsuit/investigation.

  • 3 years and 35+kg later, my Gene Café finally (kinda) paid for itself!
  • So is your setup in your house? I understand there’s quite a bit of smoke and it can really smell your house out if you do it indoors.

    Do you let the coffee degas a bit before you brew with it? What’s your preferred brew method?

    You said you do 4x 250g batches per session. I assume that’s 250g of raw green beans going into the roaster… what’s the yield per batch coming out at the end?

    How do you source your green beans?

  • The conspirators who assassinated Abraham Lincoln being prepared for execution, Washington DC, USA, 1865
  • At the time of this photo, I don’t know if an alternative would have been remotely feasible. It’s impossible to place judgement on historical actions with a modern moral lens. The idea of letting treasonous individuals live would have been untenable.

    But as other posters have shown here in response to my comment, lifelong incarceration does seem to be the better option even if you’re looking at it purely from a policy and cost perspective. And rehabilitate is only possible if they’re not dead.

  • Rob Delaney says he wants to die in same room as his son
  • Holy shit, I can’t fucking read this. I can’t imagine how hard that was to watch his son go through all that and die. I can handle a lot of shit, but the tragedy of kids getting sick like that fucking wrecks me.

  • Great start by Gibson

    Man… it’s refreshing to see a Cardinals pitcher go 7 innings… I think Lance would have had it not started pissing down rain. Matz would have too, possibly but he was on a pitch count.

    Hopefully tonight is more typical of what we’ll see out of the guys than what we saw in LA.