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Spanish town bans penis suits and sex dolls from stag and hen dos
  • In the US, the only way a government ID can be confiscated is if it's provably fake. This is akin to debtors prison, a practice that has been outlawed in much of the civilized world for good reason. I get the sentiment, but there are better ways to enforce.

  • Biden administration is sending $1 billion more in weapons, ammo to Israel, congressional aides say
  • Massive victim blaming. "We didn't ethnically cleanse them, we just slaughtered them by the thousands, banned their religion and them owning property. They left on their own!"

    I'm not surprised someone defending Hamas is ready to blame the victim. That whole side of the world has a pretty bad track record on women's rights.

  • Biden administration is sending $1 billion more in weapons, ammo to Israel, congressional aides say
  • Wow not even trying to hide the Nazi ideology anymore with the "stab in the back" rhetoric? Real mask off moment.

    In 1947 there were 156,000 Jews living in Iraq. Today there are three. Just like #Pallywood, you lie through your teeth.

    You spout this nonsense about false flag attacks yet provide no proof. This is the exact same nonsense as Kristallnacht. Funny enough, the Arab world embraced Nazism whole cloth. "Religion of peace".

    You say that the land in Israel was stolen. You also say that Yemeni Jews were forced to relocate to Israel. How are both possible? The amount of mental gymnastics to try to rationalize the pro Hamas position is insanity.

  • Biden administration is sending $1 billion more in weapons, ammo to Israel, congressional aides say
  • Sure, so you want to treat this conflict like it didn't start on 10/7. Ok.

    Do you believe that the 20 year campaign of suicide bombing perpetrated by Palestinian militants was a valid form of protest? Did you grow up seeing the charred skeletons of buses on TV? Did you know that this terror campaign was so vicious that Israel had to forcibly relocate Jews that had lived in Gaza their entire lives, who's families had lived in Gaza for generations? Would you define this as ethnic cleansing by Palestinians?

    Do you believe that the Yom Kippur war surprise attack was a valid form of protest? Did you know that the Arab countries position was to refuse any peace deal with Israel, even when they were offered the return of the Sinai and the Golan?

    If you think that Israel has a responsibility to ensure aid enters Gaza, then surely you believe that closing the Suez to Israeli shipping was a casus belli for the 6 day war?

    Do you believe the attempted genocide of Jews by their Arab neighbors in 1948 was a valid form of protest? Do you think that Arabs have the right to enforce a racially pure population? Have you thought about why 20 percent of Israelis are Arab? Is it possible that these were honest folks who did not attempt to commit a genocide against Jews?

    Have you stopped to think why Jews, who have existed in the area for thousands of years, no longer have extant populations in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, or Iraq? Have you considered the possibility that they were ethnically cleansed by their Arab neighbors? Have you heard of the Farhud? Do you have any idea what you're talking about?

    Edit: the instant downvote without any rebuttal demonstrates how inconvenient the truth is pro-Hamas supporters.