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Trying to get my thoughts straight on the core fantasy of each dnd class
  • The mechanics in d&d are mostly about combat and skill checks because as a player you get to decide how you behave and the mechanics are there to have a framework for that. If players aren't acting like you want them to as a DM and you feel like it's a good idea to enforce your desires through changing the mechanics, you're going to disappoint yourself and frustrate your players. If you want a certain style of role playing, that's something you can discuss with players, but it's ultimately collaborative as opposed to enforceable.

  • Rabid Wombat - Kaja Foglio

    I still remember this card and its artwork. Holy moly, the date on it is 30 years ago.

    The Foglios have been involved in quite a few projects over the years and it took a while for me to make the link between this card and Girl Genius.


    Coop Board game Shadows of Brimstone Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

    Co-op dungeon crawl the monster-ridden Old West mines and frozen Targa otherworld.

    Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

    Western setting where a new gold rush for dark stone pits gunslingers, lawmen, saloon girls, etc against tentacles, the undead, mutated gangsters, snakemen, and lost technology as they travel between worlds.

    It's coop and there are different missions, most of which have randomly generated maps that are created from a deck on you explore, giving it endless replayability. Characters gain experience, skill, and gear but also can become injured or mutate (nothing the church or surgeon in town can't fix for a price).

    It also has tons of expansions. While the physical games add up in cost and require a lot of organizing, you can give it a try on tabletop simulator.

    There's even a Japanese themed set that can combine with the Western ones.


    Combat feels so slow

    When I was doing some cleanup and running into enemies in old areas, it made me realize how slow combat is and why. If you have timed blocks, it has to be slow to give players time to react to attacks, so every enemy attack animation ends up being long and they all add up.