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"Giving a creative worker more copyright is like giving a bullied schoolkid more lunch-money."

What's you favorite song lyric of all time?
  • There's too many, but I won't lie if I take any few lines from L. Cohen's "The Future":

    "Your servant here, he has been told
    To say it clear, to say it cold
    It's over, it ain't going any further
    And now the wheels of heaven stop
    You feel the devil's riding crop
    Get ready for the future: It is murder"
  • Neo-Nazis Are All-In on AI
  • Go fuck yourself Wired. This used to be a cool magazine written by people in the know, now it's Murdoch-grade fearmongering.

  • Lemmy is a failed Reddit alternative
  • I thought I liked it and that it had enough users, thank you for setting me straight.

  • Svaneborg Kardyb - Superkilen (live)


    King Krule - Time For Slurp

    Stuff and Such zecg

    "to show off the vector prowess of my J90 core, my wristwatch runs a full n-body simulation of Jupiter and 63 of its moons"


    Ummet Ozcan - Night Drive


    ZEAL & ARDOR - Fend You Off


    La Femme - Ciao Paris!

    Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • It might interest you to know how ID MEPs voted on chat control last time it was proposed.

    Yeah, fair, they're not a great option for anything. I suppose, if it passes, I'll see then who voted it in and make a shitlist.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • Yes, I know, I voted for them as hard as I could at the time, apparently there were dozens of us.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • Thank you for molding my point into something that's easier for everyone to understand.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • What's your definition of a trollbot? I don't often express political opinions of any kind, but I feel really strong about private communication and even though I only mentioned a legitimate party that's in the EU parliament I am denied personhood. I am usually on the same side as the people proclaiming me a bot. Try to see how your devaluing of others' positions by denying they're human or thinking for themselves comes across. It's thought-terminating cliches and snarky soundbites all the way down.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • These ‘useful idiots’ are exactly the far right-wing officials who get repoortedly bribed by China and Russia, and are criticized by their own party members for their incompetence.

    Why not all of them, in different domains? What would you call MPs who vote for this without understanding how it works and why it's untenable? I'd sooner call them useful idiots and those getting bribes something else, they're at least getting paid.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • Gladly, they are certainly most aligned with my beliefs, but we don't have one of those.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • Or a person expressing what you consider an unpalatable opinion, we'll never know.

  • Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State'
  • EU making its citizens lose faith in the project. I don't care if I have to give my votes to the far right (ID is against, I guess) not one of those useful idiots voting for this gets a vote from me for as long as live.

  • More parents are taking on debt to pay for Disney vacations as prices soar
  • Just to add a perspective, I wouldn't take my kids there if it was free.

  • Mozilla Welcomes Anonym: Privacy Preserving Digital Advertising
  • Fuck you Mozilla, if I see a single ad from you I'm off.

  • Question about longer-distance cycling
  • I'd recommend you don't sweat the time at all. Unless you enjoy the competitive aspect and are willing to train hard, that is. Even then, I've witnessed people who are into racing get discouraged from cycling as they age and their results stop being competitive at a certain level. I like randonneuring because it makes you haul ass, but leaves you enough leeway to enjoy the experience as an adventure and a challenge. I have written a bit about a few rides, if you are interested.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • Yeah, but the dude who makes my sandwiches might be one as well...

  • Russia to send combat vessels to Caribbean to project ‘global power’, US official says
  • Project global power

    Hope they have aquatic cope cages to protect them