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Meet Dash!
  • He looks dashing!

  • Any Calendar app for windows?
  • I use OneCalendar, it works with a lot of email/calendar hosts, looks good, and is very responsive.

    Alternatively, Thunderbird has a calendar feature built-in.

    (Edit) failed to see which community this was, OneCalendar is sadly not open source.

  • "Do you know how many spells are just recycled incantations?"
  • That sounds awesome, thanks for the suggestion!

  • This is Brownie
  • Such a comfy berry nose!

  • [SOLVED] Tribute by Tenacious D
  • Tenacious D - Tribute

  • Adobe putting spam in notification tray on Windows
  • Had that issue too, search in Start for "Default Apps", then scroll to the bottom and click "Choose default application by file type". Then scroll to .pdf and choose Sumatra. The settings window may crash for some reason, but for me the file association did seem to stick after that.

  • Do you organize the order of your groceries in the checkout line?
  • Heavy stuff first, cold things together, fragile stuff last.

  • where to buy retired sets
  • Try Bricklink, I've purchased "old" sets there for a decent price. Be sure to check the seller's rating/reviews

  • ⚙️ - 2023 DAY 19 SOLUTIONS -⚙️
  • Nim

    I optimized Part1 by directly referencing workflows between each rule (instead of doing a table lookup between them), in expectation of part 2 needing increased performance. But that turned out to not be needed 😋

    I had to dig through my dusty statistics knowledge for part 2, and decided to try out Mermaid.js to create a little graph of the sample input to help visualize the solution.

    After that it was pretty straightforward.

    Day 19, part 1+2

  • Mochi and Yami share a basket
  • Thank you too, I'll pass on your compliments to Mochi 😻

  • Mochi and Yami share a basket
  • Like this? 🙂

    the cats Yami and Mochi sleeping on a blanket

  • She fell asleep on my hand and now I'm trapped
  • This is your life now

  • 🛶 - 2023 DAY 18 SOLUTIONS -🛶
  • This was actually something I learned for my job, it was nice to be able to apply it here.

    I like your commitment to wheel-reinvention, it can be a lot more fun than going for an existing or 'intended' approach.

  • 🛶 - 2023 DAY 18 SOLUTIONS -🛶
  • Good job on persevering with this one. Your approach for part 2 sounds quite viable, it is very similar to the Ear clipping method for triangulating a polygon.

  • 🛶 - 2023 DAY 18 SOLUTIONS -🛶
  • Nim

    Decided to go for a polygon approach for part 1 using the Shoelace formula to calculate the area. This meant part 2 only resulted in larger values, no additional computation.

    Code runs in <1ms for part 1 and 2 combined


  • Unison | A friendly, statically-typed, functional programming language from the future · Unison programming language
  • python-level intuitive-to-read language with static typing

    Agreed, this is exactly Nim

  • Two Halves by Peanutbutter_Jellyfish Two Halves - Chapter 1 - Peanutbutter_Jellyfish - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]

    An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

    "I had every reason to hate you for what you've done. And I have every reason to love you for who you are."

    A Recall of Overwatch agents to active duty can only mean trouble. For veteran Jesse McCree, that trouble is personal and not something he would like to deal with any time soon. So he runs. While running from the ghosts of his past, both imagined and real, he crashes head-first into Fate in the form of a terrifying and breathtakingly gorgeous assassin. Perhaps McCree might come to like trouble, after all.

    voidcats Zarlin

    Yami joined the family

    0 EU game devs ask regulators to look at Unity’s “anti-competitive” bundling

    Company's power is a "market failure" with "significant vendor lock risk" for devs.

    EU game devs ask regulators to look at Unity’s “anti-competitive” bundling

    Mochi is comfy 😊

    The bed she's in is actually also called Mochi!


    Mochi has a berry nose

    But is it a raspberry or a strawberry?


    Mochi likes to be upside down

    She's actually laying on a laundry rack, comfy XD