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The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • Dude, you are the one saying it's either genocide or fascism.

    Nah, that's straight up incorrect, reread my first comment in this thread. The point I made there was that with Biden we get genocide, with Trump we get fascism and genocide.

    Agree, but winning isn't the point you wanted to make. You wanted to avoid voting for genocide or fascism.

    No, I want to avoid voting for fascism, because we get genocide either way, and there's nothing I can do about that.

    It sends a message to the democratic party that genocide isn't an option

    Aww, it sends a message, how cute

    Only if you are in a swing state do you have to hold your nose and vote for genocide over fascism.

    Maybe my personal experience is biased because I've lived in a swing state my entire life, so voting third party has never been a productive option for me. But again, stop being disingenuous. My point has never been "genocide over fascism", it's very clearly always been "genocide over fascism and genocide".

  • The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • That's a naive take at best. Until we have voting reform, 3rd parties don't actually have a chance of winning anything. The only thing voting for a 3rd party accomplishes in our shitty FPTP system is pulling votes away from the Democratic option, making the chances better for the Republican option.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Dish detergents actually need some food schmutz to work properly. I rinse stuff if it's particularly dirty or caked on, but only enough to get the big stuff off - I always leave a little schmutz. All my dishes come out perfectly clean.

  • The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • Ok now you're just calling anything you disagree with "fascism".

    Don't take that the wrong way - I'm not trying to defend Democrats delegitamizing leftist organizations. But words have meaning, and when you just start throwing them around at everything that bothers you, you water down that meaning.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • So maybe I'm stupid but... Why? Why does he feel he needs an excuse beyond "taxes are cheaper in Texas"? Like, it's understandable that a business owner wants to reduce costs, and reducing your taxes is one good way to do it. The blowback from saying something relatively mild like "I want to pay less taxes" is going to be way less than the blowback of saying "I want to leave California because trans people have too many rights here" right?

    I'm not trying to defend Musk or anything here, I'm just so confused why he's going this route

  • Anon watches game of thrones
  • My conspiracy theory is the show ended more or less how George R. R. Martin has been planning it, but because it was received so poorly he had to scrap it all and start the last two books over

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • I feel like people would be panicking and trying to leave the area too, or being evacuated by staff. They all just kinda sit there though. And then they start cheering and chanting "USA, USA" when Trump gets back up, which is not the typical reaction I'd expect in the middle of an active shooter situation. At very least, the whole situation is bizarre.

  • They only show up after midnight though
  • If you've never deadlifted before, yeah, it's not an ideal choice. If you're intentionally doing deficit deadlifts though, or your body is just shaped such that the extra height makes the movement more comfortable, then it's not the worst choice. Those hard soles probably provide a better, more solid base than the running shoes I see a lot of people lifting in. Ankle mobility probably leaves a little to be desired though.