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Our reasoning is different, but their heart is in the right place
  • Dog that’s literally why they indoctrinate their kids so early. Private religious elementary with a church run youth group after school, “vacation bible school” over summer break, the whole nine yards. A healthy adult is a lot more likely to realize the inherent problems before they dedicate their entire lives to being delusional.

  • Fox News is now claiming that young people are identifying as seasons. They made it up.
  • Conservatives are so fucking boring. The ones I’m forced to interact with talk about politics at a massively inflated rate compared to anyone else. It’s always shit that makes them angry too, like the only joy you can get out of life is righteous indignation.

    Privileged white fuckers are the last people who have any right to be righteously indignant over anything right now, and that’s the majority of conservatives in America.

  • Anon envies the AVGN's power
  • I managed to find both the CD and cassette singles at a local thrift store. They’re on a shelf right next to a sealed Slim Goodbody album, and a 1 of 1 promotional Topo Chico vinyl record that does have grooves, but doesn’t actually contain any recordings.

    Obscure and irrelevant media is so fucken funny to me.

  • Anon envies the AVGN's power
  • As a rule SNL alumni are at their best in whacky short-form plain ol’ comedy. There’s exceptions obviously, great actors can come from anywhere after all. But if the main cast had been like Pete Davidson, Bobby Moynihan, and Kenan Thompson it would’ve been just as bad.

  • Anon envies the AVGN's power
  • That’s a really awesome thing they did and I respect it a lot.

    I don’t think that changes the quality of the movie though, right? Unless you mean like, “They wouldn’t have done that if the movie hadn’t been made, so it’s a good movie by merit of having enabled the cheering up of one specific group of dying children”? Because I suppose you could make that argument, but I don’t know if many folks would agree with “the butterfly effect” as a metric for movie quality.

  • Anon envies the AVGN's power
  • Making gender a selling point is always a weird vibe. You remember the TLC song No Scrubs? Did you know there was a clapback response song called No Pigeons?

    It was put together by some out of touch producer who thought men would rally behind it. But in reality men on the whole weren’t really angry about the TLC song, and Sporty Thievz didn’t have much star power on their own. It hit #12 on the US Billboard Hot 100, got a bunch of radio play for a minute, and then they faded into obscurity entirely.

  • Trump Hints Another January 6 Could Happen If He Loses the Election
  • Fucken Bolsonaro did the same shit and it’s looking like he’s actually gonna get prosecuted. Real shame the US government isn’t up to the high standards set by Brazil, but maybe we’ll get there someday!

  • ‘They Are Just Pissed Off’: Scott Galloway Warns Young People Are ‘Opting Out of America’ As Older Generations Failed Them
  • None of your charts say anything for first time home buyers. Total home ownership percentage is meaningless when you’re also trying to assert what you are about younger generations. My wage isn’t made any more livable because my grandparents bought a house in the 60s.

    When you focus so hard on limited statistics your conclusions are similarly limited. Consider this: in 2022 the percentage of college educated people in the US actually went down from previous years. That’s never happened before because college has never been as unattainable as it is now. Unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades, but places like restaurants are being forced to close because they can’t fill low paying positions. Either young people are bound and determined to die penniless and uneducated, or there’s some problems you’re conveniently ignoring.

  • ‘They Are Just Pissed Off’: Scott Galloway Warns Young People Are ‘Opting Out of America’ As Older Generations Failed Them
  • And people can’t afford houses, college, healthcare, etc. because...? Like cool chart, but my generation will literally never be as financially stable as those who came before. I guess it’s fun to pretend we’re better off than we are though.

    Imagine paying for college with your income rather than loans.

  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • Yeah I shoot for solid 60s on my portable steam deck too. I get better battery with lower settings anyway, and the potential benefit from artificially capping fps is negligible to me.

    Being able to play a little bit longer isn’t all that enticing when the experience is on par with a struggling switch lite.

  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • The fact remains that the gamecube is less powerful, despite being a home console. Just like there’s people who don’t care between 30/60, there’s plenty of people who would be fine with less flashy effects if it got a solid 60.

    Fuck, I started gaming with a video card that could only render 3d when it ran in a hybrid crossfire with onboard video. And you can bet your ass I was turning all my settings straight to potato so I could pump a beautiful 121 frames into my terrible CRT every second. Sometimes I still miss that setup lmao

  • It must confuse English learners to hear phrases like, "I'm home", instead of "I am at home." We don't say I'm school, or I'm post office.
  • There’s a song with the lyric “If you need us we’ll be backyard in our new tree fort” and it fucks with me that it sounds as okay as it does. Reckon it makes a little more sense when the place-word includes a relative direction, like in “upstairs” or “courtside”.

    I have heard some gems in the wild though, like “Ima go run bathroom”.

  • Anon buys a watch
  • Citizen has some quartz models for ~$60 if you’re looking in the right place. I see a lot of ebay sellers that are authorized vendors and are going out of their way with undercut pricing. Find something all stainless if you can, and go for a screw back if you want to replace the battery yourself. I work at a jewelry store and we get at least one person a month who’s ruined their watch by trying to do a battery change themselves.

    If you want digital, Casio and Timex are both currently doing reissues of extremely functional vintage models.

    I like the look of modern Seikos, but I’ve handled very few myself. In the past they were an absolute bitch to get parts for, but that may have changed.

    Any modern mechanical watch should be absolutely avoided, unless you’re a connoisseur looking for a fancy-pants showoff piece. There’s a reason we’re all on quartz now lmao

  • Alan Wake 2 director says Remedy's confidence in the game was boosted by Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Did you even read the comments you’re referring to? Do you know anything about the game we’re talking about here? “The Dark Place” and “Ocean” are not spoilers for the sequel, and no one is saying the sequel is going to resemble EEAAO.

    Refamiliarize yourself with the source material, and actually read the article you can’t stop popping off about.