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Hair care
  • YES, I was hoping that link was the CG doc!! This is the way!

    Also consider asking your barber what kind of hair you have (thick, fine, voluminous, etc.), bc it can make a huge difference on what it needs. For example using conditioner as shampoo (co-washing) does amazing things for some people, but it can cause scalp buildup in thicker hair.

    SheaMoisture is my go-to brand. Their conditioner is so concentrated you almost have to water it down, I keep an empty bottle around and do 50/50.

  • Sticker Mule cofounder supports fascism
  • They sent a link to this post to everyone who was subscribed to the deals and offers text alerts thing. I can’t imagine a better way to push away customers. My business has already switched over entirely to stickerapp, they’ve got better rates anyhow.

  • It’s never been easier for the cops to break into your phone
  • No, it’s this pervasive idea that privacy doesn’t matter what’s got a bee in my bonnet. I would hope someone working cyber security would be especially aware that such a devil may care attitude is a short walk towards a long dystopia.

  • These soyflakes think they're saving animals 😂😂😂😂
  • Genuine question, how do y’all feel about folks that harvest roadkill? I didn’t think it was all too common until I met some folks in Louisiana who actually get a surprising percentage of their food from scavenging roadkill.