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How do y'all backup docker databases with backup programs like Borg/Restic?
  • With restic you can pipe to stdin, so I use mysqldump and pipe it to restic:

    mysqldump --defaults-file=/root/backup_scripts/.my.cnf --databases db-name | restic backup --stdin --stdin-filename db-name.sql

    The .my.cnf looks like this:

  • Alternatives to Google Docs/sheets?
  • Very true, but I like my NAS to be maintenance-free, and Synology delivers on that. Their apps work out of the box and are installed with basically one click. I fiddle with tech enough at my job, I like my private tech to just work.

    Even as a power-user you can do a lot, the synology nas also runs docker, so you can run whatever you'd like on it, not just the synology provided services.

    Expanding the hardware is kind of a pain, even with RAM they are kind of weird and you need some approved (synology-brand) ram, or need to fiddle with some system files to make it accept any ram.

    Also i’d love if they went with zfs instead of their llvm + btrfs.

  • Alternatives to Google Docs/sheets?
  • A really cool do-it-all Option to de-google / de-cloud yourself is to buy a synology NAS. They come with all the cloud stuff you want, it works really well out of the box:

    • Synology Drive for synced files, sharing files / folders with friends etc.
    • Synology Office (Integrated into Drive)
    • Synology Photos does the photo backup from your mobile devices
    • Synology Calendar for calendar syncing etc

    That way you're not moving from one cloud provider to another one you might or might not trust, but you host it all yourself.

  • All meine Zuhausis präferieren Flötzinger.


    Lieblings Orangenlimo?

    Spezi und Kola werden ja oft genug diskutiert, aber habt ihr ne lieblings Orangenlimo? Ich mag die Fritz Limo Orange (


    Schloß Tirol, Dorf Tirol, near Meran, Southern Tyrol, Italy


    Schloß Kapfenburg near Lauchheim

    Elektroautos youRFate

    Empfehlung Ladekabel?

    Für meine ev6 den ich bald bekomme brauche ich noch ein 11kW ladekabel. Mir wurde zu einem 7m kabel geraten. Herstellerempfehlungen? Sonst würde ich einfach das von Menekes kaufen, auch wenn das Blau nicht zum roten Auto passt...


    Küchenmaschine v.a. für Teige

    Ich würde mir gern eine Küchenmaschine gönnen, hauptsächlich um Teige für u.a. Pizza zu kneten.

    Ich überlege zwischen der Bosch OptiMUM8 (1600w):

    und der Ankarsrum Assistent Original

    Die Bosch ist deutlich günstiger, hat länger Garantie, und ist vmtl vielseitiger durch mehr optinales Zubehör.