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Amazon workers narrowly reject union in historic vote
  • Unions hurt productivity and in the long term make companies and countries less competitive.

    A system where labor benefits from increased productivity needs to be found. Unions are not and have never been the answer

    Also, unions are regularly linked to criminal activity, strong arming, and organized crime

    Lots of people that blindly support the perceived short term benefits of unionization in Lemmy. But, this are facts whether you like them or not

    Long term, unions are bad for everyone

  • She Made $10,000 a Month Defrauding Apps like Uber and Instacart. Meet the Queen of the Rideshare Mafia
  • Failry old news. The Wired article is long and offers nothing but verbiose language and opinion.

    The Skinny:

    Barbossa is a Brazilian immigrant who along with another Brazilian and a group of 17 other people, used stolen identity data to create fake Uber and Door Dash driver accounts to defraud these companies. They would sell or rent these accounts to unqualified drivers. The scheme netted them about 791,000USD. Barbossa got 3 years in prison, three years probation, and a 20,000 dollar fine.

  • The force is strong in her

    Atlanta News ynazuma

    Remember when Fabiola Santiago, Moms for Liberty Founder, had lesbian sex with another woman?

    Fabiola Santiago had sex with another woman yet she uses her organization Moms for Liberty to target other gays.