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  • I'm look both ways before I cross the road and I've never been hit.

    I have been subject to male shittiness (catcallling, groping, abuse and physical abuse when rejecting advances) and I still go about in the world but I will mitigate my risk by keeping myself as safe as possible (let friends know where I am, be on the phone, don't wander around in the dark dressing how I would choose) pulling out the fawn flight or fight when required.

    Do you see the imbalance here? The media do not make more of male violence on women than there is. It's not sensationalised, if anything it is downplayed. We barely hear about any of it.

  • Atoms
  • I sent this to my scientist as meme sharing love language and he's gone on an enormous rant about how wrong it is. That's the last time I try and share anything ionic. (Although apparently sharing ions is fine etc etc blah blahrant)

  • Tooth Fairy

    My child lost their first tooth today.

    I (being clever) got them to put it in an envelope under their pillow ready for the tooth fairy.

    The tooth fairy tells me the envelope was empty but they left £2 anyway. Hopefully this is standard procedure. XD

    Crochet yeah

    first Tunisian item