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any colemak-dh users? i need some advice
  • I've been using colemak mod dh without remapping and would recommend that approach. I found it encourages me to use other more efficient motions when possible, and my brain has gotten pretty used to the new locations the times that I need to use hjkl.

  • What is sweetness in coffee?
  • I'm no expert and definitely don't have the most refined palate, but from what I've heard and experienced, comparative tasting is the best way to start to dig into and understand flavor.

    For me, sweetness is a big one here. Since coffee isn't as sweet as a lot of other stuff we eat, having other coffees to benchmark against with more or less sweetness will help make it more noticeable.

  • Phantom Fury - Demo Gameplay Showcase
  • I was initially interested in the original, but the studio's transphobic, misogynist, and homophobic "jokes" both within their games and their communities pretty quickly dissuaded me.

    [Edit] it sounds like this has a new team behind it, so possibly disregard the above

  • BARONESS - Beneath the Rose

    I am really excited for the upcoming album. I enjoyed the last single, but this one is amazing. Baroness always nails the use of harmony and this song is no exception there; both in terms of guitar and vocals. I'm not sure yet what to compare it to, but I'm a huge fan of the vocal style in the verse.