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A cool guide to the complexity of the human brain.
  • If you look at the source (link on the right edge) it's a page with religious ramblings on how this disproves evolution because our nervous system is set up like a computer or microchip. Bibles quotes and all.

    The chart is a great testament to how complicated our biology is and not much else.

  • me_irl
  • I do this with my dog, our couch is against a window that overlooks my building's courtyard so she's always watching people come and go. If I'm waiting for food or something I'll watch with her, she seems to really enjoy it.

  • Thought of this community when we revisited the park (hope it gets attached this time and not potato quality)
  • Damn BC is gorgeous I didn't realize where you were. I'm used to seeing trail maps like that in Illinois US and it's just a dirt path through some trees and around a man made lake. I gotta drive about 3 hours to get to anywhere with interesting geography - mostly glacial lakes and valleys in the Midwest.

    I grew up in Colorado I miss the Rockies, they're truly magical.

    But yeah rock climbers love giving crags and routes stupid pun names, it's charming.

  • Thanks.
  • It might be worth paying out of pocket for a potential life altering diagnosis. Easier said than done depending on your personal finances.

    There are also newer non-stimulant meds if age/heart health is an issue, and some off-label drugs that GP doctors can prescribe that could help as well (Wellbutrin comes to mind).

    Good luck out there 🫡

  • Chicago’s Cinco De Mayo parade canceled due to ‘gang violence,’ officials say
  • For sure, some of the worst by some accounts. I'm not that familiar with the lower west side, but even by me wayyyy up north there are certain neighborhoods where if everyone got together in one place there's almost a guarantee for violence.

    Which I guess is my point, if that neighborhood has a lot of issues with gang violence the event planners should have been proactive and secured different spot. If they didn't see it coming or the police got wind of something the day of, not much anyone can really do.

  • Misophonia xpinchx
    What was it like for you growing up? what age do you remember having aymptoms?

    Hi guys, I see there's no posts here yet so let's chat!

    My earliest memories of misophonia were around age 6-7. My older brother was a loud eater and would tease me about my reactions, and my dad had TMJ (clicky jaw) and downplayed how it made me feel. I coped by eating quickly and excusing myself or sometimes my parents would get me a separate table when we ate out.

    As an adult (37 today) I've gotten better at coping and I work with understanding people that listened when I explained it and asked my office mates to not eat at their desks.

    It's still a difficult condition to live with and I avoid movies and certain social situations. I also hate confrontation it by the time I get the nerve to say something about it I'm already enraged.

    How are y'all doing?

    what is ich🙃iel?

    I assumed just German memes but I was always afraid to ask on Reddit. Is there a specific style of humor, or jokes about things only Germans would understand?

    Danke 🙏


    It's inside a cardboard triangle tube.

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