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[Discussion] What's your "this has bothered me for way too long" movie moment?
  • To generalise it a bit, this could be applied to helmets/masks required but not worn in films, war films and tv for example. In dune the main actors barely had their masks on, but the extras could be bundled up cause we don't need to see their faces

  • why are you using your launcher?
  • I've settled on Niagara for a while now, largely because of the search and gesture to get there. Frequent apps are on the home screen, messaging etc, then anything else is swipe and type

  • issues logging in
  • Edit: didn't see the comment about the email not working for eternity before I replied here, logged in now, thanks!

    No 2fA enabled, and eternity just provides the error "Can't fetch user data" after I provide my details Anywhere I might find a log to give more details? When I noticed the upgrade was finished I started getting communities back in my feed I had blocked so that triggered me to try re-logging in, but to no success

  • issues logging in

    I'm having issues logging into the lemdroid instance since it updated. Not sure if the issue is with the app or the site but posting to see if anyone else is having issues?