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Hello! Some info about me is up on my website:

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is this employee in the room with us right now?
  • Considering that my desired workplace is "laying in bed for $5k a week", no I can't say that I did. Survival and a safe place to shit dictated that.

  • down with the sickness
  • one late night, cruising with friends and chatting:

    "you know, we should put a minugun on the prius for our getaway vehicle. defensive and economical! nobody will be able to follow us!"

    and the reaction was basically [meme]

  • NSFW
    Ace [M] (By Koul)
  • Woof~

  • On the road to Valhalla
  • Pfft, ez pz

  • Giant Custom Rules
  • A beeping, clear plexiglass container it is!

  • Fuck, I hate this question
  • All of those answers are wrong. Rome experiences the fall season yearly.

  • Giant Custom Rules
  • Custom eh? Tell me more 😏

  • What was using the internet in the early 2000s like?
  • one player

    That one tank game where you took turns against the computer and/or others players begs to differ :P

  • What was using the internet in the early 2000s like?
  • webmaster

    hard drive failure

    they are not worthy of the title if they just had one disk and no backups. to be so knowledgeable and yet so stupid is a memorable achievement.

  • First paragraph: That is a server issue, not discord (enforced), though discord is stupid too; requiring a verified phone number is the highest level of trust/security one can select on a discord server. I've never run into one where that setting is active myself, and it's not on my server either, but just some clarity. It's an attempt to make it difficult to attack servers/users via the fact that having multiple phone numbers can get expensive, and most potentially harmful users are just butthurt teenagers raging at nothing, but with no money so the potential situation (repeat ban evasion etc) is nullified. It's low-friction for the masses, and is moderately effective at its task. That's why they use it.

  • Just not his thing.
  • -$4 and include an unopened, chilled 20oz cherry pepsi. You deliver. Take it or leave it.

  • I can't disagree.
  • Two-lane, no-passing, winding mountain road: "it's showtime" 😎

    Everyone: flies straight off the cliff

  • Paradox Lays Off Entire Studio Before Its Game Was Even Released
  • Tbf I've read that they missed their third deadline for an early access release. I was interested in the game but if what you have after like 5 years still isn't enough for even early gameplay scrutiny, maaaaybe some major mistakes were made. And then never addressed. For half a decade.

    I'll hate on big companies and executives alllllll day, but I'm an equal opportunity hater whenever it's warranted.

  • AT&T imposes $10 price hike on most of its older unlimited plans
  • Those prices are genuinely and thourally awful. I pay a ton of money for an AT&T small biz line (and watch, and laptop lines) and I get actually-unlimited data for $90 (used to be $80). But you can get a prepaid line through AT&T prepaid for $60 (I believe) that has "unlimited" until 22gb where you are deprioritized until the end of the month. Or cricket, an AT&T-owned prepaid company, has a (supposedly) actual-unlimited option for about the same price, but they limit devices and a few other things.

    9gb for the ~same price is highway robbery.

  • Shooter who killed five people at Colorado LGBT+ club pleads guilty to hate crimes
  • An absolute piece of shit. And that's very insulting to shit.

  • WWAN unlocking on Spiral Linux

    (my first post on lemmy so I hope I'm doing this right)

    Distro: Spiral Linux (Debian, KDE spin), by recommendation

    System: Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen 2 (Intel) (distro recommended as I am looking for Debian(-based), + btrfs, snapshots, and fde, included via the gui installer)

    I'm having issues getting ModemManager to unlock my X55 modem. This morning I wiped my drive to install Spiral (KDE), coming from Kubuntu 24.04. While the modem worked after running the proper fcc unlock script in Kubuntu, it is entirely missing in my Spiral install. While I assumed that it would not be that simple, I copied /etc/ModemManager from my Kubuntu live environment to Spiral, ran

    sudo ln -sft /etc/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.d /usr/share/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.available.d/105b:e0ab

    and restarted, but alas that's not enough, so I'm stuck. I have added the network profile + apn to ModemManager (the UI) but of course without the modem unlocked, I can't connect. I'm new to cellular modems in Linux (this was a windows machine until ~6 weeks ago) but I'm otherwise comfortable with the terminal and commands. The modem was working as expected last night in Kubuntu.

    I haven't got the system setup yet (trying this first before going further) so if I botch this, an install is no problem. I'm assuming it's either (or both?) a service, or a missing package that sets up what's needed, but I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.

    I discussed this here this morning, though I think I got all the important details typed up above. But maybe it could be useful somehow.

    Any suggestions are welcomed :)