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New Ink Day! Diamine Ancient Copper
  • I'm amused when using Diamine Writer's Blood for exactly this reason. :D

  • Federation / nginx issues with ansible installation? [solved?]
  • Weirdly enough, it works correctly after a reinstall. Here's what I did, if it helps anyone:

    1. Delete the virtual server at Hetzner
    2. Create a new virtual server
    3. Ensure SSH still works
    4. Run the Ansible playlist
    5. Open the site and configure the new Lemmy instance
    6. Do not disable federation
    7. Create a new community and initial comment, run the curl commands noted above (I can't see this being valuable except as a confirmation that everything is working)
    8. Block and enable federation debugging
    9. Search for a community on another server (I used [email protected]), open it up, then subscribe

    I'm hesitant about a solution that involves reinstalling, but I'm new enough at managing virtual environments that I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • Federation / nginx issues with ansible installation? [solved?]
  • After some digging, I found the nginx config in the lemmy-ansible file structure: templates > nginx.config

    However, this is highly abstracted because it's part of the Ansible install. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't edit it.

    One possible clue - so far, I've been enabling federation from the UI. There's a bit in the configuration documentation that says that the lemmy.jhson needs to be updated with a federation block:

    I don't have this file in the lemmy-ansible directory.

    I also tried troubleshooting the federation setup again after reinstalling the instance from scratch.

    All four CURL commands now return proper JSON:

    Would this be a better question for the Ansible Github?

  • postfix issues, possible to use sendgrid?
  • Thank you for sharing!

    I'm trying to figure this out and I'm stuck at creating the file to save the API key. Where did you put the file in the lemmy-ansible setup?

    Now you need to specify your credentials (use apikey as username and an API Key as password) in the separate file /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd (you'll likely need to create it):

  • New Ink Day! Diamine Ancient Copper
  • It's one of my favorites; I can highly recommend it!

  • Lemmy Support worldcitizen101

    Federation / nginx issues with ansible installation? [solved?]

    I'm hopefully finishing up my first Lemmy installation through Ansible and have now enabled federation but think there are issues.

    What's working:

    • See instances showing up in the instances list
    • Searching across federated sites works

    What's not working:

    • When trying to subscribe to communities on other sites, I see "subscribe pending" - I found this Github issue which points to troubleshooting with CURL commands - they should return valid JSON and instead return nothing.
    • Posted to other communities doesn't seem to go through - I'm guessing the same problem.

    As far as I can tell, this is probably an nginx configuration problem. Is that the case, and what's the best way to tackle that given the Ansible setup?

    Thank you!

    how did you get into fountain pens?
  • I wanted to throw away fewer things, so thought a single fountain pen would be a good idea. :D

  • Help Troubleshooting Email Verification on Self Hosted
  • I'm also working on this - thanks to this tip, I found that Hetzner also blocks port 25 by default. Apparently you can have it unblocked by going to the network tab -- but it's greyed out until you've paid them something.

  • General advice
  • The TWSBI Eco is a most excellent first choice! Which color pen and nib are you planning to choose?

  • Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • I'm rereading before starting the final book. So good!

  • Sopuli down, small upgrade / Sopuli alhaalla, pieni päivitys
  • There has been a huge influx of users in the past week - what are your plans for opening/closing sign-ups for new users?

    Also, are we still okay to be creating new communities?

  • Your Bandcamp favorites?
  • Bandcamp is such a treasure trove.

    I'm listening to Allison Russell's Outside Child now and strongly contemplating buying the record.

  • Sopuli down, small upgrade / Sopuli alhaalla, pieni päivitys
  • Thank you for taking such good care of this instance!

  • Meet my sweet baby Jasmine (17)
  • What is she saying?

  • Which subreddits would you most like to see on Lemmy?
  • I know we're talking about moving away from Reddit but I don't see this on your list and it sounds like it might be a match for your interests --have you taken a look at /r/badwomensanatomy?

  • Which subreddits would you most like to see on Lemmy?
  • I thought about creating loseit, but I'm not up for moderating something like that. I can see it getting hairy quickly.