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Shipley Conservative Sir Philip Davies 'bet £8,000 he would lose his seat'
  • So we're just ignoring this part then?

    In Britain, being nominated as a local election candidate simply involves signing some forms, with no deposit required. A paper candidate will often do no campaigning at all and so be able to submit a zero return of election expenses, simplifying the paperwork for the election agent. Paper candidates are commonly fielded in different locations by all the major parties in both local and national elections.

  • Obelisk of Antinous, deified Roman god of male beauty and homosexuality, in Rome, with Egyptian hieroglyphics inscribed
  • So he was made into a deity.

    There are modern ideas what he would be the deity of.

    These are the things he actually was to his contemporaries

    Antinous was understood differently by his various worshippers, in part due to regional and cultural variation.[107] In some inscriptions he is identified as a divine hero, in others as a god, and in others as both a divine hero and a god. In Egypt, he was often understood as a daemon.[108] Inscriptions indicate that Antinous was seen primarily as a benevolent deity, who could be turned to aid his worshipers and cure them of ailments.[109][110] He was also seen as a conqueror of death, with his name and image often being included in coffins.[111] In the west, Antinous was associated with the Celtic sun-god Belenos.[112]