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I like to play devil's advocate and am interested in sharing knowledge about my hobbies! I like gaming and VR, AI, herbal vaporizers, media analysis and philosophy!

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Japan seeks international coordination to thwart online manga, anime piracy
  • I like this logic, lets all become shareholders.

  • [RESOLVED] The plastic cylinder in my soap dispenser is loose and the soap no longer pumps. What's the best way to fix this? Super glue didn't hold.
  • Other notable runner ups: Fixing LED light strips that separate from their adhesive, holding guitar nuts in place well enough for daily use but still mallet-able to remove it, and of course for gluing ones enemies eyelids shut

  • What Are Your Recurring Costs?
  • Power, Domain Name (if using a standard paid one instead of the cheaper route), VPN are the 3 that I pay for that I feel are the bare minimum.

    I pay for a domain that's $12, but you could easily get the $1 ones for the same purposes. I pay for a static and service VPN with Windscribe, which comes out to be like $35+$89 respectively. So that's already $136 a year excluding the cost of power. I could cut that cost easily, but I use them for more than just my selfhosting so I feel like it's a fair price for what I get out of it.

  • Tdarr AMD GPU
  • I'm not sure if iGPU's are typically used for transcoding, which may be part of why you're having difficulty finding solutions.

    As for re-encoding H264 into H265, increased file size is common. Encoding from source for the first time into H265 will lower file sizes, but if you're re-encoding something you're almost always going to lose data while increasing file size, especially on hardware encoders due to the methods and time it takes.

    Basically, try your hand at Very Slow software encoding. Wait a day. This H265 file will likely be smaller than the Hardware Encodes of the same thing.

  • I got a boat
  • Just a bong? C'mon y'all, get with the B.O.A.T. logic and waste some money. Buy an ounce and a mason jar and smash the OZ of bud inside the mason jar!

  • I don't understand Temu.
  • Hm so it is, I could have sworn that Temu was around before 2022

  • I don't understand Temu.
  • I think Temu has been around a bit longer, Wish just got more popular during Covid

  • What are ball vapes? Ball vapes quickly explained
  • Most do have exposed heating elements, but cannabis hardware does have a covered heating element I'm pretty sure. Not all of them, I think it's one of their upgraded pieces.

  • What are ball vapes? Ball vapes quickly explained
  • Unlimited convection in a desktop is pretty much unrivaled, I will say though.

    I stick to the VapeXhale Evo ($300ish but discontinued) and the Tiny Might 2 ($350) myself, but I used e-nails for concentrates and I've used the Cannabis Hardware setups and they are pretty much the best way to inhale a bong rip and get as much vapor as you want.

    Plus, with the right one (and only a measly investment of... nearly $650...) it is basically a one-time set-up never need to clean (sans bong) the vape/rubies/PID controller itself never needs to be clean, just kept free of flammables.

    For the price range you're looking at pretty much the new Volcanos, or a full fledged Cannabis Hardware flower+concentrate in one rig, and having a Volcano for cheap I would far prefer the ball vaporizer. I just have enough vapes to justify not needing it, and even though I want to say the open heating element too, but they actually make one that keeps it covered.

  • Pirating guitar and bass tabs?
  • Are you not able to use the element zapper to block the pop-up from appearing?

  • The planned PSN requirement has been canceled!
  • PSN hates refunds so I can see that being a large influence.

  • The planned PSN requirement has been canceled!
  • In similar spirit, my theory is that this is part of how they fix the issue where PC players and PS5 players have issues making/accepting friend requests. Recently the players ID's were changed from being randomly generated to a set assigned ID, and I would have bet money that the PSN account linking could have been a way to resolve whatever issue was going on there.

    Alas, no way to confirm this now haha!

  • Youtube send a Letter to Grayjay Creator
  • Full frame or part frame?

    The former is 1bil^6 pages and the latter is 30 pages

  • Marathoning them all on May 4th, what drinking game can get my friends blasted into hyperspace?
  • Drink when R2 appears.

    If you think that's not enough for all 9 movies than add C-3PO.

    That should have you well paced for all of them without killing you or being too slow.

  • Just wanted to share this simple way to use kaspersky for free
  • doesn’t change the fact a lot of stuff is still made in mainland China.

    Which doesn't change the fact that you can do your due diligence to avoid purchasing things made there? That is their point, afterall...

  • Reddit Reports Surge in Copyright-Related User Bans * TorrentFreak
  • I use lib-redirect for everything if I really need to get to a reddit link. It's rare, but there are certain types of communities where I'd like to get a "average laymans" perspective and unfortunately just due to the size here on the fediverse there is rarely wide-spread availability. As you mentioned, specific games. Lots of hobbies. Even the opportunity for consumer tech talk, if I'm interested in replacing something that's 8+ years old there's just not a lot of existing content to search through here and that leaves blog posts and... Reddit.

    I've had plenty of time recognizing what astroturfing looks like, so I rarely feel like I'm left out of options to search. All that said, I've been doing this a lot less since the whole shift happened. Maybe an endeavor every few months, rather than few days/weeks.

  • The dirty secret to making sci-fi believable
  • My friend pointed this out for the recent live action Avatar show. Their clothes were pretty much immaculate the entire time

  • There should be a way to give directly to the developers
  • Search the credits on linkedin and the like, I'm sure you'd be able to find some

  • Storm Troopers are known for their accuracy
  • I think there's a wide spread. I'd say that there's westerns like Brokeback Mountain and Dances With Wolves, where the suspense is more from the dire circumstances and grit that they have to work through in order to survive -- few times are their lives gravely endangered. Similarly, there's the Clint Eastwood westerns where you don't really expect anything to be happening to that main character, yet they're still well received. The "True Grit" style Western -- someone to protect while you rough it through the hard life.

    And then there's the westerns you're talking about, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, nearly Magnificent Seven style western where the characters present an archetype and have a fatal flaw that leads to their downfall.

    The Mandalorian is more like a Western of the Week TV show where you have the drama of the grit, an undercurrent of hope that's played off the main characters hardships.

    Idk. Din being invincible in the show is seemingly irrelevant to me, and not even supported in the content of the show. The first two seasons definitely have space Western episodes though, even if they might not be the more typical main character on the verge of death style ones.

  • Storm Troopers are known for their accuracy
  • Eh. I think characters dying as the only stakes is weak writing anyway. If I were using that as a judgement, all of Star Wars is terrible, especially the Clone Wars. Obviously, that's not the case. Besides, clearly the armor rating is meaningless given the events of the S2 finale -- clearly the armor isn't protecting him from impacts what with his head injury.

    We if look to Ming Na Wen's character I'd even argue that being hit by blasters in New Star Wars is just an opportunity to visit the medic anyway, so Din wearing beskar doesn't really remove any of the suspense for me.

  • AVB recipe conglomerate

    Scrounged up my AVB recipe conglomerate from the old site.\_conglomerate

    AVB stuff I've collected into text conglomerate, briefly edited and formatted. It will only get bigger, but I got a couple PM's about it, so here it is:



    This is highly recommended if you don't like the taste or have gastrointestinal problems with edibles. Also, you can make cleaner concentrates!



    I highly recommend water curing before doing this method, as it will make the end result much cleaner.



    These are visual steps of the following. I found it very helpful.



    basically throw the abv in a jar and cover with coconut oil. heat at (slow cooker on low)70c rough for 3 hours, then freeze for 2 hours, then back in the crock pot for another 3 hours then strain it and cap it.



    i personally make 12 hour slow cooker cannabutter on low (but this method works with coconut oil) and i mix in powdered soy lecithin (about a tablespoon per 2 sticks of butter.) (/u/averyminya edits this out for controversy of S.L., but leave it for those who are curious)

    • i water cure my AVB for a week before the cook using a french press and distilled water.

    • i use 1.5oz of ABV per 2 sticks of butter so i make it strong as fuck because it's for me and i need strong edibles.

    • i can make a lot of it at once and then keep it in the freezer for when i want to use it, or i can cook it into baked goods, in my case mostly cookies which i then vacuum seal and freeze.

    • it's not a very difficult method, although it takes a lot of time, you are not engaged in the making of the cannabutter other than short intervals.

    • it is not easy if you do not have a kitchen, but i think most people have access to a kitchen at least. edit: specific recipes in the sidebar at /r/treedibles[1] (remember no decarb needed for AVB)



    • Pre-heat crock pot on low, 20-30 minutes.

    • Grind up your ABV in a coffee grinder to powder, the finer the better, seriously, it should be as close the the consistency of flour as possible.

    • Place ABV powder in small ceramic container such as a mini crock (like those used in french onion soup). Any small pyrex or ceramic container should work, such as a coffee mug but oven and freezer safe are best. A small brush can be used to get every last bit of ABV out of the ginder.

    • Heat coconut oil in the microwave (or stove/oven) until it is hot but not scalding, pour over the ABV until it's just barely submerged, do not add this all at once, add a little then stir, add a little more until it's the consistency of a thin batter.

    • Add soy lecithin granules, about 25% by volume the amount of coconut oil you used. Stir until dissolved. (/u/averyminya strike this because I have read controversy about S.L., but keeps it in for those curious)

    • Heat for 3 hours on low in the crock pot.

    • CONTAINER WILL BE HOT using a pot holder or oven mit remove your dish from the crock pot and allow to cool (about 15-20 minutes) then transfer to the freezer for at least 2 hours. Remove from freezer and allow oil to thaw at room temperature (\~30 minutes) pre-heat the crock pot to low at this time again.

    • Repeat steps 6 through 8 one or two more times for extra potency

    • Optional: Add 1 drop for every \~2 grams of ABV used of lemongrass oil or hops extract to add Myrcene. Many know of the boosting powers of mangoes, lemongrass oil and hopps extract have the equivalent of about 12 mangoes per drop.

    • Using a spoon or needleless syringe fill gel capsules, I recommend putting down paper towels or news paper for this as it can be messy

    • Wipe down the completed capsules to remove excess oil



    MrM0stly pt. 1 Are you asking how to infuse the THC into an oil? That is actually quite easy :)

    • Throw the oil and the AVB into a crockpot and leave it on warm for as long as you can take (pretty much, the longer the better, but at like 8 hours you could probably consider most of the THC has gone out of the AVB and into the oil).

    • Coconut oil is better, in my opinion, because it is more shelf-stable than butter (unless you use clarified butter).

    • You will have to play around with how much AVB to oil ratio you want to use. More avb, more potent, more oil, less potent. I have made some so potent that I can just eat a teaspoon and feel good for hours. I prefer more potent vs. less potent, because you can always dilute later with more coconut oil. THC is oil-soluble, so it will extract wonderfully into oil, not so wonderfully into water. And by extracting, you don't have to eat the bud. You just eat the oil containing the THC (you strain the bud out at the end of the crock pot cycle).

    • Some people like to add the bud and oil to boiling water, which works faster, but is more dangerous (if the water boils off then the oil will get REALLY hot and burn the bud and destroy the THC).

    • You could also put the oil and bud in an oven-safe container and leave the oven on low for many hours, taking it out to stir occasionally. You could do this if you do not have a crock pot.

    • Yet another method is to make a ""double boiler."" This is when you have a pot full of boiling water, and above it you rest another container (like a pyrex bowl) and add the bud and oil. This way it gets hot and begins to infuse, but if the water boils off the double boiler, you don't risk burning up your bud. Worst case, the pot that is actually touching the burner might get warped or blackened.

    pt. 2 - Oh, you don't need a machine. That just makes it a lot easier! I have one, I got it here:, and used it to make these pretty little things... and you can read about what is in there here: If I were you, I would:

    • get a jar of coconut oil,

    • warm it up until liquid,

    • fill it with all your AVB,

    • and then put it in a warm water bath in the oven or in a crockpot or on the stovetop.

    That will take heat, and time. But even if you don't get to it for a few weeks, at least the infusion will be slowly taking place!


    • You could get creative though! I have a heat pad that you can sit on, or put on parts of your body if your muscles hurt. It is not suspicious at all, but you could set your jar of oil and AVB on top of that and leave it running in your bedroom for hours. It won't get as hot as a crock pot, but, time is on your side... you could just keep it on whenever you are home, for days, or weeks! At some point, most of the THC will leave the AVB and saturate the coconut oil.

    • Then it is time to strain it. Make sure you really press/squeeze out the AVB -- it will have a lot of oil in it, which you don't want to waste! You can even save that AVB after extraction by putting it in the freezer.

    • At some point when you make your next batch, you could add that to it because surely there will be trace amounts of THC left...



    mix the abv and nutella together then throw it in the oven for 22 min at 230F. Then make it into a milkshake.



    Pretty easy; mix 1 cup bisquick, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2-1/3 cup abv, bake for 12-15 min at 350. It makes two or three good sized biscuits that are pretty good cut in half with over-easy eggs on top and a little maple syrup.



    What you will need:

    • French Press - You can find these on amazon or a lot of other places these days. It is a method of coffee making where the grounds are steeped in water to extract the flavor rather then your traditional drip coffee maker. It is then pressed down with a mesh screen which further extracts flavor. This is the perfect tool for the job.

    • Whole Milk - higher fat content but I am sure it would work with 2%

    • Coffee - 3-4 Tablespoons depending on how strong you want your coffee

    • ABV - 2-4 teaspoons. I tend to keep it how it is out of the vaporizer. Grinding it up further could get stuck in the screen or just go right through and end up in your coffee cup... GROSS

    • Water - DUH...

    • Tea kettle - used to heat water just off boil.


    • Put the water on to boil

    • Empty your ABV into a small microwave safe dish

    • Cover ABV with the milk. Just to cover and enough room in the dish to mix.

    • Place ABV milk mixture into microwave for 30 seconds 70% power.

    • Add your coffee grounds to the bottom of your french press.

    • When the water just off boil add your ABV/Milk mixture to the french press with a little water from the kettle. Give a quick stir.

    • Add remaining water from kettle and give another quick stir.

    • Place lid on the french press and set your timer for 4 minutes.

    • When the timer goes off slower plunge the screen to the bottom of the french press. Keep aware that there is more material to push down then a normal mornings coffee so don't rush it. I find this little thing makes a big difference.

    • Enjoy.. This will get me about 2, big coffee cups worth. I feel it start to kick in within 15 minutes. usually and hour after I finish both cups I start to feel my muscles all loosen up so that I can stretch and start my day. Pain in non-existent and I have a pretty decent head buzz going on.



    nuts are probably optional, but they do have oils so potency mileage may vary, but that's to be expected


    Chocolate melted down some chocolate and mixed in about 10 grams in it and we each ate half. We couldn't move for 12 hours


    ABV Milk Ice cubes /u/RedSteppa does the following:

    I'd throw it into (hot) whole milk with cacao on a stove for about 45 mins. Don't boil. Just keep it hot enough that you see steam rising up. Stir often.

    After 45 mins...strain out the abv. Let the milk cool a bit. (Optional step: Drink some)

    Fill it into ice cube bags and put it in the freezer.

    You'll now have ABV-Milk on demand. Just take out the desired number of milk-ice-cubes and thaw them in a glass.


    AVB Lotion/Salve

    2 cups AVB Infused coconut oil 1/2 cup olive oil 2/3 cup beeswax (pellets seem to work best) Essential Oils to your liking A double boiler

    • Combine infused coconut oil, olive oil and pellets in double boiler.

    • Mix until melted

    • Add in essential oils

    • Let cool slightly and then whisk for 1 minute

    • Transfer to your container, let cool and enjoy!

    • Thanks to the Chronosseur on YT

    Gaming wolfshadowheart

    ([email protected]) so is this a fediverse thread for ( within a Kbin magazine? What's going on here?

    @wolfshadowheart so is this a fediverse thread for #gaming within a Kbin magazine? What's going on here?


    Just had my first interaction with Meta Services last night. Thought I'd share what I learned.

    I was up late last night and we know how that goes - rabbit holes. This time I was trying to find some ways to make my phone feel a little snappier and possibly eliminate the issue I was having where my recent apps button stops working until I restart the phone. On Android 13 I found that if I changed to gesture based navigation it solves the problem - recent apps can be switched to for just a small change. But the fluidity of gesture based navigation got me thinking about the animation speeds, so off I went into developer mode to play with some settings. This is where the rabbit hole begins.

    (Small edit for phone!) I've only recently gotten the Sony Xperia 1IV direct from Sony, put in my TMobile SIM and have been running it the last 8 months or so. I haven't looked too much into the A13, but I made sure to do all my usual protections - disable Facebook and whatever other bloatware comes preinstalled. I saw a category to see a list of running services and there's some pretty innocuous ones - wireless charging service, accubattery, google, KDE connect, Vanced MicroG and Meta Services. It just looked like an RSS feed with a notification icon, really and I didn't think much of it.

    Well with (edit for clarity) Vanced being dead me not liking ReVanced as much (end edit) and should have switched to LibreTube much sooner, I was trying to find where and how to uninstall MicroG. I came across my active processes again and I remembered about Meta, did a little digging (and I mean little) and saw that many Android phones come with a Meta App Manager and tracking service that runs automatically in the background, whether or not you have their apps installed/disabled. We all knew about bloatware coming preinstalled, but this was the first I'd come across full on background services using data and RAM (minute as they may be).

    So I thought I'd share. It's simple, but here we are. To find them (in Android 13)

    Android Settings \> Apps \> See All Apps \> top corner Show System

    Scroll down to the M's and be sure to disable background data, clear cache and storage, and disable these 3 Meta services. Here are the services that were on my Xperia 1IV

    And if you're curious to see your Running Services, enable developer mode, navigate to it and it's the 8th option, right under "OEM unlocking". Handy for finding sneaky apps.

    While I don't use Facebook on my phone (app wrapper), I do use Instagram and I've noticed zero issues with the app. Almost like the tracking is completely unnecessary for the user experience and its removal breaks nothing! But obligatory YMMV and do this at your own risk etc. The risk is likely that Facebook wont serve you ads as well, the horror.

    Anyway, I thought I was up to date on everything that needs to be done to debloat a phone, but I found some more that I've yet to see any mentions or guides for until after I started researching what and why Meta Services was running on my phone. I thought I'd share since I'm tech savvy and try to stay up to date, so if I feel this way then there may be others who would like to know about this as well.


    I've been working on an It's Always Sunny boardgame in Tabletop Simulator for over a year.

    Whattup! I'm one cool guy not looking for other cool guys to brag about my game! Nothing sexual. Players in good shape encouraged, if you're fat you should be able to find humor in the little things. Again, nothing sexual.

    I don't really have anything else here for you. I'm just putting it out there that it exists and that one day you could try to play it. That day isn't today, nor will it even be any time soon, but it is quite far along. Why? Because I can? Why tell you about it when it's not ready? Because I can.

    I used ffmpeg to take a screenshot of every second of every episode available. I've created character, item, and location cards as well as an array of assets. The goal of the game is to recreate any Sunny story line and make them your own! Ever wanted Dennis to steal a rum-ham from the McPoyles? Well now you can! Well, again, you technically can't yet, but you will be able to eventually!

    I've got all kinds of game mechanics and ideas. It's not a simple game. It's probably not even a fun game. But it is a Sunny game, and for that alone I know you jabroni's are excited for me to finish it for you. The white hot cream of this 5 star man is gonna rise to the top and you won't even know which peak hasn't even begun.

    I did not make this up, I wouldn't do that to you man!