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CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • They already have a curated data set. It's called Google Scholar.

  • Status-Update - Verein für Lemmy DACH
  • Habt ihr mal überlegt direkt auf Piefed / Pyfedi zu setzen? Meine Prognose wär ja dass das deutlich zukunftssicherer ist.

    Was ist zukunftssicherer an einer Plattform, die nur von zwei Leuten entwickelt wird?

  • Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die | Your Steam games will go to the grave with you
  • Do you think Valve is going to start deleting accounts over 100 years old?

    If Valve actually counted how old my account is, they'd stop asking me how old I am for mature games.

  • Update - Vereinsgründung für Lemmy DACH
  • Ich dachte es geht darum zu übernehmen und auf ein stabiles Fundament zu stellen? Liest sich nicht mehr so.

  • If that isn't worth a penalty point idk what is
  • Not so unlikely that it'll be Mick Schumacher but Ocon's grid drop isn't for Canada specifically, it's for the next race he'll attend.

  • Hamilton not pitting. Mercedes clown masterclass?
  • The fuk? 1.5 free pit stops now.

  • toxic help forum
  • technology and the opinions around it change, so some new discussions should be started regularly, if just to prevent information from stagnating.

    Not that often, no. This is among the questions that get asked all the time. It amounts to spamming. We're not talking here about a question that was last asked 10 years ago and is now massively out of date.

    People make regularly updated lists of possible alternatives to various applications. Finding them is a matter of firing up the search engine of choice and just entering the search terms.

    Also: That question literally gave no context at all. Something along the lines of "My circumstances are XY and Gimp is not suitable because of YZ" is missing completely. I got a proper answer by asking Microsoft Copilot "What are alternatives to GIMP? I'm looking for an option that I can use with Debian 12. An open source application is preferred but not mandatory." and got a proper list of open source and web-based solutions that includes Krita, Photopea, Pixlr, and Pinta.

    My mom is approaching 80 years old and can do better web searches than the person from the screenshot.

  • toxic help forum
  • krita ai paint is pretty dope

    Oh wow, wasn't aware of that plugin. Looks nifty.

  • toxic help forum
  • Cool crime in my book. Fuck Adobe with a pineapple.

    Getting people out of the Adobe ecosystem fucks more with Adobe than circumventing cost to get into the ecosystem.

    That's why Adobe silently tolerated pupils and students to pirate Photoshop: They knew some of those became paying customers in the future.

  • toxic help forum
  • maybe they want to gauge different opinions and reasoning.

    If those people cared to google first, they'd stumble onto existing answers to the same question. Such questions get asked over and over again. Those people would know that if they cared to google first.

    if u dont want to answer, ignore the post.

    Same applies to answers you don't like: Ignore them, don't whine how toxic people are.

  • Using any DE be like:
  • Ever since KDE made their software more modular with Plasma 5 / Frameworks 5, a Plasma session can be cut down by a lot. Personally, I don't think it matters much because as soon as you browse the web, the RAM demands of the web browser dwarf that of even a fully decked out desktop anyway, but the options are there – perhaps for certain use cases that don't involve web browsing.

  • toxic help forum
  • Wikipedia then. Lazy people asking stupid questions instead of googling on their own are even more annoying.

  • toxic help forum
  • Let this be a lesson and next time just spend 5 to 10 minutes browsing or Wikipedia's list of image editors yourself.

  • Welches Akkusystem nutzt ihr?
  • Wenn du nicht auf Akkus setzt, die mit einem Schaft in den Griff des Werkzeuges geschoben werden (wie bei Ryobi), haste eigentlich für alles gängige Adapter. Bosch-Akkus auf Ryobi, Makita-Akkus auf Bosch,... geht mittels Adapter alles, nur eben schaftige Ryobi-Akkus auf den Rest wird schwer.

  • ich👨‍👩‍👦iel
  • Wenn einfach alle nacheinander vorher aufs Klo gehen, gibt's auch keine Diskussion. Kinder haben primär dann keinen Bock, wenn ihnen der Eindruck gemacht wird, dass sie von Pflichten alleine betroffen sind.

    Als ich früher mal Sitter war, wurde mir von den Eltern gesagt, dass das Kind sich anstellt, wenn es Zähne putzen soll. Ab dem nächsten Mal hatte ich meine Zahnbürste dabei und es war einfach nie wieder Diskussionsthema, weil wir zusammen Zähne putzten.

  • Tot
  • Chicken nugget?

  • Tot
  • Tot is German for dead.

  • ich🕊️🌐iel
  • Nein, weil nach seinem Tod angeblich Leute zu ihm gebetet haben und infolge davon zwei Wunderheilungen geschehen wären.

  • Pope Francis is gearing up for the first millennial saint, a web developer known as 'God's influencer'
  • The tech whizz, sometimes called 'God's influencer,' died of leukemia in 2006 at age 15.

    So finding a cure for cancer is not one of his miracles.

  • Male birth control breakthrough safely switches off fit sperm for a while
  • It’s a shame that male birth control has been so much more difficult to develop

    Nah, condoms exist since ages and has many other benefits.

  • Indy500 is so logical


    Oscar Piastri at Imola


    What's in that nose cone? nose beers

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