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How's your week been?
  • As part of slowly replacing gel with injections I took my first shot a few days ago! It took several attempts and a couple of needles to actually have the courage to do it, but I'm feeling rather proud of myself

  • micrulesoft
  • Yes, but that's why I keep saying average user. Your average user mostly just browses the internet, casually plays games, and uses common software like word, with increasingly many apps/services being available online. Gamers who mess with drivers, the hardware, and bios settings and such are not really the norm. How many people in your life are afraid to touch the windows settings, if they even know where to find them?

    Honestly most of the popularity of windows at home these days I'm willing to bet is because it's what's installed by default, and of course because of familiarity.

    You're right of course that professionally you can't always replace windows, and while proton let's you play almost anything there are certain games that aren't available (usually because of anti-cheat). Most pc users however won't notice as they aren't gamers. I do also find that the settings and gui package managers on most distros are way more user-friendly than what you have on windows, which I think is another point in favour of using linux casually.

    EDIT: Also most users don't have high-end machines, and linux pc's are nicer on the hardware and are less performance intensive which means their computers will be relevant for longer.

  • Disappointing moderation on other instances
  • Oh yes, I forgot. I blocked them a while ago which is why I cant see them.

    EDIT: I also find their presence here somewhat disappointing. They seem very focused on being polarizing and asking people to not vote biden rather than promoting any sort of alternative, in addition to being needlessly aggressive towards anyone who disagrees with them.

  • Disappointing moderation on other instances
  • While I'm not personally a fan of hexbear or lemmygrad it sounds like you're doing a very good job with the moderation.

  • Disappointing moderation on other instances
  • I'm not familiar with this community nor can I find it on blåhaj?

  • micrulesoft
  • Valid, but ultimately no average user is gonna try anything like that on their own.

  • Disappointing moderation on other instances
  • I just don't like the idea that the moderators tolerate this sort of behavior.

  • Disappointing moderation on other instances
  • People spreading misinformation to erode my rights and cause violence against me is maybe slightly different from a difference in opinion. Additionally, I think the major instances (at least the general ones) should hold themselves to a higher standard than niche instances.

    EDIT: Honestly thinking this is about safe spaces is very tone deaf.

  • Disappointing moderation on other instances

    I don't really know which community to post this in, I think this is the most relevant one?

    I've recently spent a bit more time on and I have to say they don't seem super keen on removing trolls and transphobes, same for instances like

    The moderators seem to be perfectly aware of transphobic replies, vague threats, misinformation, and obvious trolling, yet they hardly remove any of the offending replies, and rarely if ever ban anyone. Certainly not often enough to make the network less toxic.

    This post was mostly to vent, but I would also like to ask: when you report someone, who receives the report? Mods on my instance? The mods of the specific community I'm reporting from?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place.

  • Linux can absolutely replace windows for the average user.

  • LGBTQ+ orgs blast Joe Biden's "cowardly" statement opposing surgeries for trans youth
  • They would have known this if they bothered to open the surgery regret rate studies I linked them (but we both know studies won't change their mind). For the lazy it's less than 1% for both transmascs and transfems.

  • LGBTQ+ orgs blast Joe Biden's "cowardly" statement opposing surgeries for trans youth
  • Kids are never offered "life changing surgeries". This doesn't happen. Evidence very much suggests being trans is a genuine neurological condition that we are born with.

    Our brains match our gender.

    Brains are not necessarily binary.

    We understand some of the causes.

    "Risk" of being born trans seems to be partly genetic.

    Our identities are stable.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics is on our side.

    Adults don't regret surgery. And another study on the same.

    Additionally, getting a diagnosis is a long process (and it's not guaranteed that you'll get one), and then actually getting treatment takes even more time (also not guaranteed).

    EDIT: I can't read what the transphobe is saying anymore as they have rightly been banned from the server I'm on. Detransitioning is uncommon, but of course perfectly valid. Typically people detransition because of transphobia or for economic reasons. Have some additional links:

    Rates of detransition are low, and they are only very rarely permanent and caused by true regret.

    GenderGP links multiple studies saying essentially the same thing.

    This one mentions detransition rates of 13%, but again mostly to escape stigma.

  • [CW: transphobia] How can they not see this is what's coming‽
  • It's more common among the older generations to my knowledge, but yes there are absolutely conservative queer people that are actively transphobic. I recently made the mistake of reading the comments under an article about the increase in transphobic legislation and hate crime (hate crime in general, so against all queer people) in britain, and there were lots of gay people going "lmao what rights have we lost, name one right" or "I don't give a fuck, I haven't experienced this where I live" :(

  • Markiruler
  • Some people don't have an inner monologue at all, actually !

    Dunno what either of those things are called

  • What's the story of your name?
  • Basically this, yeah :P

  • What's the story of your name?
  • I haven't chosen a name yet.

    I did receive a name from a dream which I excitedly wrote down in the middle of the night, because obviously getting my true name from my subconscious is a big deal.

    When I woke back up and checked it in a more lucid state, I was disappointed to see it was very clearly made up by dream logic as it was essentially only a parody of a real name.

  • The abs that shook the pillars of civilization
  • There is absolutely some muscle loss when on hrt. A study suggests transfems are comparable to cis women after about 2 years on hormones. Dunno if transfems have an easier time having visible abs, though.

  • Map shows UK hotspots homphobic hate crimes
  • Don't read the comments there :/ Terf island is appropriate

  • Would you mind helping me understand the reality of trans life?
  • I think you meant "being a woman isn't bad" o_o

  • Would you mind helping me understand the reality of trans life?
  • I would recommend checking out this website: It has helped a lot of trans people understand themselves, and would probably help you understand trans people as well :)

    EDIT: This game let's you walk around and see some common terms and stuff: