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might've been two days ago rule
  • I think it's possible to have plaque grow much slower depending on what you eat, like not eating any carbs or sugar. If you have fluoridated water and gum it will also slow the growth of plaque.

  • Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • I haven't seen anyone defend it. Closest to that was someone saying it seems vague in a few places. I think it's a pretty good heuristic that if you can't find anyone to argue the negative, the positive is probably true.

    That said I didn't look so hard because I'm not American and got other shit to do. Good luck you crazy bastards.

  • Apparently controversial, in this day and age
  • I assume you got that quote from your dentist right?

    Also I'm more referring to the headline you made for this post. I seems to imply that "genocide is bad" is now a widely controversial position. But again, who the fuck knows what you're saying. From where I'm sitting it isn't controversial at all, and I'd need to dig into the foulest depths of the internet to find a tiny handful of people with that position.

  • Life comes at you fast Jeff...
  • I haven't seen any news articles about it, I don't really care what they say. What I have seen, constantly, is people on this platform understating the fuck out it by saying "he was just stuttering and is old" which is really annoying.

    Also I think he was sick, I'd be feeling sick too if my handlers had drugged me like a maul and made me stand under studio lights for an hour.

    Your last point is unironically true though. He had information, it was mostly correct, and when it was incorrect it was mostly just the numbers that were wrong by a small amount.

  • Please vote
  • I don't think this would convince anyone, but Trump has shown that lying about every fucking thing can convince some people. Maybe a less dumb version of this meme could move the needle for someone who is on the fence and hasn't watched the debate. (There are dozens of them out there)

    No idea why this was posted here though, or how so many people approve of it. It's the dumbest shit I've ever seen. I guess there's a lot more people on the platform who have legitimate Trump derangement syndrome and find this acceptable than I would've thought.

  • Oh Joe...
  • Biden looked like they injected meth into his balls right before he went on stage. Kinda hard to ignore him staring through bits of furniture and smiling at leprechauns.

    I'm shocked he performed at all with how high he was. I'd wonder as well if he needed assistance during that whole thing.

  • Google disrupted YouTube video playback on Firefox, again - gHacks Tech News
  • Affected users might have blamed Firefox for the issue. Some may even have switched to a Chromium-based browser, as these worked without any issue.

    I've been having issues with YouTube on Firefox for ages, not these issues, different ones. I haven't bothered to test if it's only Firefox that has the problem because I'm not using Firefox for a seamless experience, I'm using because why the fuck would I use anything else on Linux? I won't put google or ms into a Linux environment, even if I don't really care about privacy or whatever, it just feels like mixing oil and water.

    Might use another browser like brave or whatever foss solutions are out there, but I'd be surprised if anything like that is better than Firefox.

  • Science is more like a conversation.
  • Even so, academics is such a niche and marginal problem compared to, like, anything else capitalism fucks up.

    Scientists are still doing good things all the time under capitalism. Environmental sciences criticize problems that capitalists are loath to address all the time, but also apparently capitalism funded their research for a century.

    This post is just more populist tanky agitprop to make dumb people angry and distrust institutions and science whenever it tells them something they don't like.

  • Bethesda Is Charging $7 For A New Starfield Mission, And Players Are Upset
  • I haven't played this so take my 2 cents with a pinch of mixed metaphor.

    My assumption for this game was that DLC would be new copy pasted outposts, weapons, etc. That's the way a lot of procedural games go. It's not bad really, you take a good core game and pump it full of new set pieces and toys til hell freezes over.