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The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • "you're just not paying attention because you're not a trans ally"

    yeah so basically anyone paying attention to trans issues knows about JKR. I don't think I said all harry potter fans are transphobic, so that was a fun little thing for you to make up I guess, but I would say that fans of Harry Potter who don't know the controversy are not trans allies. She is the anti-trans celebrity. Her letter was huge news.

    Harry Potter fans have likely at least seen one or two hate comments about the video game or something. Stop bring so disingenuous... most people are online regularly ... particularly the generation of Harry Potter fans. You don't need to be terminally online to have heard about the wealthiest author in the world turning into the most prominent anti-trans advocate.

  • Diesel-smelling
  • Yup. Oh, someone changed his mind bc he got into a different business, but before that the information was all readily available, but he ignored it bc he was previously profiting? Wow stand up guy, only paying attention to issues impacting his bottom line.

  • Diesel-smelling
  • Given the current pace, they're gonna die first. You're being a fatalist basically, and then mad at someone for telling others to have more sense of urgency? 🙄🙄🙄 You're saying solar panels and EVs don't make a difference? You're just lying, wrong.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Obama won pretty hard though despite the racism, there were more people excited to see a black president than there were racists (although obviously there as a lot of vocal racism as well).

    If Kamala tells a convincing story, I could see it working well.

  • We're disabled, Daniel
  • That does not meet my experiences of reality in the US at least, very few businesses open to walk-in customers would be closed at 5pm, and parking lots usually serve for multiple businesss or just a spot to park and then go downtown.

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • They are a younger millenial, and talking about how not playing online games is a signifier of that. Not sure how you get this so wrong you think you can correct me about what it straight up says.

  • Dryer Settings
  • Yes, this is a normal thing to do. I'm against jokes at the expense of gender violence.

    If someone posted a completely racist joke, and I criticized it, you could make this exact same comment.

  • does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • Not to me at all, way less bulky. It's thinner than my wallet, and since it's not long, it doesn't jam into my leg when I kneel or sit down. However, I don't have a case for it, not sure how it would feel with a case.

  • Is it better to rent a cheap/shitty place, or rent something suitable that you struggle to afford?

    I am trying to make a decision. curious about your thoughts on my personal situation, and what you think in general. or your own stories if you have anything relevant...


    How do I get my suit tailored?

    I bought a cheap suit with the intention of making it look good through tailoring, but I don't know how to actually get that done. The local stores don't have websites and haven't picked up when I called, should I just walk in with the suit? Do I need an appointment? Also, how much should I expect to pay? (California)

    I live a fair drive from the local alternation/tailor shops (rural life), so I figured I'd try to ask before making the drive out just to make a fool of myself.


    Who owns the servers for Lemmy?

    Trying to wrap my head around the fediverse. Is each instance like another person with a server? Could that person just shut it down whenever they wanted to?

    Are there any companies that have invested in hosting Lemmy/ other fediverse servers?

    Sorry I'm sure I messed up some of the terminology, I hope my questions make sense! I love the idea of the fediverse as I understand it, but I like to dig into these details.