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2024 European Parliament election in Germany
  • How will the far right help with any of that? They’re not known for running public utilities.

    One would think that if that’s your problem you’d vote further left - renationalise public utilities etc.

  • Microsoft hit with EU privacy complaints over schools' use of 365 Education suite
  • I don't think there was a time when formatting wasn't important.

    From double spaced text to allow edits, to certain margins, to sectioning, to indexes, to appendices, to properly italicized bibliographical references, to page references etc.

    It assists you in conveying your intent as the writer and if standardized it makes it easier for the reader (ie your teacher) to orient themselves with minimal effort. Similar to having a consistent user interface.

  • Lets test the theory
  • Exactly. The calculus for taking risks is vastly different when there's a safety net. You can treat it as a game and go all in.

    On the other hand if there's even a small chance of losing housing or getting in legal trouble or your family being destitute you take no risks - if you are a person with a sense of responsibility that is.

  • Lets test the theory
  • He had knowledge and connections to the upper echelons and he couldn't make it, and when health concerns arose he went back to his money because it sucks to be working poor and in need of medical assistance.

  • Is a peanut butter sandwich a balanced meal?
  • More than that, most peanut butter has a lot of hydrogenated vegetable fats which are likely much worse than a bit of sugar.

    If the package doesn't have a tablespoon of peanut oil or so pooling at the top when you first open it, that you then need to mix it in, it's hydrogenated.

  • Israel sharpens its tone to Spain: "The Inquisition is over. Those who harm us, we will harm them"
  • To be fair, Jews were also massive victims of empire and colonialism. They were kicked around Europe for centuries since the Greeks and the Romans.

    Now, on the fall of the Ottoman Empire all kinds of populations coalesced into nation-states (also, all while kicking out people that did not identify with the new nation - massive population exchanges at the time, millions of dead in forced marches out of a region). Most back to the heartlands of their ancestral lands - so the idea wasn't far fetched.

    Unfortunately, unlike those other populations Jews were in diaspora so long that they had kept little physical connection with that land which was now occupied mostly by Palestinians.

    Fun fact: A plan was hatched to allocate a portion of Australia instead