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Google Accidentally Deleted $125 Billion Pension Fund's Account
  • Thank you! Every time a story like this comes up, people seem to wanna pretend managing your own hardware is all sunshine and rainbows. Especially if you want global scale or as little down-time as possible, cloud provider's your best bet, albeit one where you have less control than you would with your own servers.

    Opinion: You should be building on top of open source platforms and tools (Docker, Kubernetes if you need it...granted I'm not an expert in this area) to mitigate some of the vendor-lockin, and take a multi-cloud approach. If you're mainly hosting on GCP for example, host smaller deployments on AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, or something else as a contingency...eventuality you can also add or just move to your own servers relatively painlessly. Also AGGRESSIVELY backup up your database in multiple places.

  • I still don't get buffers
  • This feels like something I also do in neovim unless I'm misunderstanding you completely. Is it highlighting text and having yoir search apply just to the highlighted text?

    If so, yes it's great whenever you use it

  • I still don't get buffers
  • I'm gonma bookmark and try this next time I find the courage to mess around my nvim config. That last none_ls breaking change has made me very hesitant to mess around with things that aren't just colorschemes ngl.

  • I still don't get buffers
  • Okay I had no.idea. So on Plasma, I'm guessing when I copy anything, it's writing it both the primary selection, and the clipboard selection and that's how it stays in the clipboard manager thingy?

  • I still don't get buffers
  • I'm an idiot and I think I confused the two haha

    My thought process based on when I setup my config: "yank copies to my main 'buffer', <leader> yank copies to system clipboard through that special 'buffer', and <leader> delete deletes without replacing what's in my main 'buffer'. I have multiple clipboards!"

    Completely forgot they're called registers and that buffers are just "where text is" (at least as far as I understand it)