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HailCorporate: Call Out Corporate Astroturfing on Lemmy
  • You can run most games on Linux, you just have to enable proton, the steam deck uses a custom version of Linux by default, so at minimum anything marked as playable will work on Linux.
    Also I never had to deal with drivers at all when setting up linux, but I'm not sure if that's normal, I've only used Linux mint, which was pretty easy to set up.

  • they stole their design and put it on a t-shirt for capitalistic gain rule
  • For a little more context, 196's main rule is that you need to post something before you leave. So it started with people just putting something about having to post because of the rule for the title, which then turned into just putting rule because it's shorter, which then turned into making an actual title then putting rule in it somewhere because it's funny.

  • 'Segregating high skill players from the population at large, forcing long wait times on them, is a form of discrimination': former Halo multiplayer lead on the 'failure' of SBMM in modern games
  • Just staring a loading screen essentially, most games will let you click around on the menu still and look at your skins or your settings or whatever. TF2 lets you queue mid match to find another game so you can play on a community server while you wait, and overwatch does let you do warmup DM last I remember (which was years ago so it might have changed). Can't really think of anything else another game does off the top of my head.

  • [LW] Remember to keep a set of spare equipment!

    About at mid game and I am currently sending out a gunner with a ballistic tier machine gun and my Scout and Rocketeer with tac vests. I thought it would be a waste of money to repair my laser saw as I had just finished building my gauss saw, and decided to not to repair my spare sets of armor to save money. Attempted a ufo landing, turned out to be a trap ufo, bailed before anyone got killed but I took a few hits and had a some armor and my machine gun break, immediately got hit with an abduction mission right after so I didn't have time to repair any of my stuff.

    Ancient XCOM wisdom
  • WotC's difficulty curve is weird, it starts out harder then base xcom 2, but once you learn the mechanics and figure out what works it becomes a lot easier. Covert operations give you a lot of resources, can stall the avatar project forever, and can be used to power level someone to max rank significantly faster then base game. Lost missions are essentially free xp. Black sites are trivialized by reapers, who can reliably solo them even as squaddies, making stalling the avatar project even easier. Reapers in general are very strong due to the absurd stealth, and remote detonation ability you get at corporal, not to mention banish which lets you one shot just about anything. There is also the training center, which lets you get every ability for a class plus some extra ones assuming you spend the time to get the points (Covering Fire + Threat Assessment + Cool Under Pressure is an insane combo on specialist). The new terror mission variation is significantly easier because the rebels actually shoot back now.
    The Chosen can be a mess, but as long as you aren't in a bad situation already they are pretty manageable. The only thing that gets harder overall that I've noticed is the alternate supply raid mission with airlifting crates, still can't figure out how to do that one properly although I think it might just be a skill issue on my end, haven't heard anyone else complaining about it.
    (replied to your comment, but it didn't show up, so if there are two comments here sorry about that)

  • New here and have a question about communities
  • Looks like someone has already subbed, so it should show up now, but essentially you just manually put in the url and go there. for example this page on kbin is[email protected], just change that to[email protected] and subscribe with a kbin account.

    Turns out there is a few other ways to do it as well, this stack exchange post should have some more information if you want it.

  • New here and have a question about communities
  • Until someone on kbin subscribes to it via putting in the url directly it doesn't show up as kbin dose not know it exists iirc. Same thing with Lemmy, if someone on your instance isn't subscribed to a community on another instance then it doesn't show up until someone dose

    Edit: Getting a 404 error when I try to go there to subscribe, as money_loo said its probably a backend issue with kbin

  • I'm obviously old. what is this "rule" trend I'm seeing everywhere on Lemmy?
  • Reusing a comment i made a few days ago, "It's based off r/195, which was a sub where the main rule was that you had to make 1 post before leaving, that sub closed down a few years ago, then r/196 was made to replace it. IIRC r/195 was originally for some peoples apartment, with the name just being their apartment number. Eventually other people joined in because of the rule and it snowballed from there."
    To add onto that, r/195 shut down because the mods didn't feel like running it anymore as it became to much to handle.

  • Did r/retrogaming mods get demodded for supporting the blackout?
  • EDIT: looks like the old head mod commented while I was still writing this. Their comments explain the situation much better.

    According to this earlier post (reveddit link), the new head mod was part of the old mod team, and the old head mod willingly stepped down at the same time they reopened. According to the old head mod in the comments they were already planning on stepping down, and the situation with u/spez just sped up the process. As for opening the sub, according to the post the mod team was not happy about reopening the sub, but felt forced too as they did not want to get replaced.

    Hopefully they do the thing that some other subs like r/pics are doing and make all the posts about something super specific but not really relevant.

  • Zeus skin rarity
  • Really hoping it's not yellow rarity. I'm guessing it won't be as people are able to submit designs, which you can't do with gloves and knives.
    Getting a zeus case would be pretty neat.

  • To Mods: Respect the Community, Reinstate Our Subreddit!
  • You know you don't have to use to access and post on this page right? You can use another kbin instance to deal with the speed issues, or something else like Lemmy or Beehaw if you want a different UI as well.