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Gloomhaven - Buttons and Bugs: a new tiny solo version Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs

Gloomhaven in the palm of your hand!

For a quick solo Gloomhaven experience! There was a similar print and play version called Gloomholdin‘.

> Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is a solo play game, with an original campaign story written by Isaac Childres, that features a playstyle similar to Gloomhaven in a fraction of the size.

> Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is set after the events of Gloomhaven and Forgotten Circles. The Aesther recluse Hail has earned a reputation for being highly instrumental in saving the city from recurring disasters, and she absolutely hates it. Wannabe heroes are constantly barging in on her studies at the Crooked Bone, looking for help in becoming famous themselves — not to mention all the demons that come by looking for vengeance. She briefly considered moving, but as that would require effort, she instead just placed an enchantment on her front door: Anyone who attempts to open it becomes miniaturized and therefore is no longer a problem.

> Your character is one such wannabe hero. In an ill-advised attempt at fame, they try to visit Hail, and poof. Now they're the size of a mouse and have entered an entirely different realm of lawlessness and self-preservation. They must find a new way into the Crooked Bone to convince Hail to return them to their previous size.

> Each scenario is a single card, pitting one mercenary against a handful of enemies with simplified actions and AI. Each mercenary has a hand of just four double-sided cards, but they can be used twice — both the front and the back — before they are discarded. Attacks are resolved using a die in conjunction with a modifier table, and both the table and the mercenary ability cards can be improved as you level up throughout the campaign.

> —description from the publisher

Cheapest way to get into Arkham Horror LCG?
  • Yes, most of the time I play alone, 2p max. Is this game fun with more players? At the moment I don’t have a player group that would like such a long game, unfortunately.

    Sigh, 50€ for an expansion is a lot of money, even if it’s cheaper than buying the mythos packs. But maybe I just budget and buy them a few month apart to save money.

    Thank you for your ideas, I already live this community.

    (Btw, I can’t see my own posts, and even this instance doesn’t show up in my descriptions, shit, even when I search for this community and find it, it doesn’t show my own posts. This fediverse stuff still feels a bit confusing to me…)

  • Cheapest way to get into Arkham Horror LCG?

    I really love the Core Set of the AH LCG! Now I want to dig deeper without ending up poor. What are my options?

    Good thing: I‘m just a casual gamer. I could get it to the table probably once a week max for an hour or two. That‘s why i can squeeze months of fun out of a set.

    But how do I proceed in 2023? There are mythos packs, scenarios, campaigns, cycles, deluxe editions, return to editions…?!

    It get‘s more complicated: I‘m from Germany and want to play the sets, that are released here in german.

    What I already own:

    • 1st edition core set <— only box I played yet
    • 1st edition Dunwich set
    • 1st edition Carcosa set (someone sold these 3 for 25€)

    My questions:

    • I don‘t own any mythos packs or anything else. So Dunwich and Carcosa are incomplete, right? Should I sell them? Because:
    • Tracking down „old“ (German!) mythos packs to complete the sets I own could end up very expensive and difficult, right?
    • The return to-editions are cheap here, but it doesn‘t make sense to play them, if I don‘t own the standard cycles, right?
    • The „new“ campaign/investigator expansions are probably the easiest way to get another set, but they are kind of expensive (~50€ each). Still cheaper then buying every single mythos pack (15-25€ each), right?
    Looking for an awesome pub game for 2-4p!
  • Looks awesome but it can‘t be played with 2p, can it? Well maybe I just buy two games… Jaipur if we‘re two, sth like Archaeology, Startups,… if we‘re more. They all don‘t look very expensive.

  • Kinderarmut: Ein schlechtes Zeugnis für den Staat
  • Leute, in eurem Artikel steht‘s. Nennt es also bitte:

    Paus (Grüne) will endlich etwas daran ändern, fordert 14Mrd. Lindner (FDP) bewilligt nur 2Mrd.

    Ja, beide bilden die Regierung und damit versagt „DeR sTaAt“. Das sorgt allerdings für Politikverdrossenheit. Man sollte klar benennen, wer hier bremst. Das könnte hier auch alles ganz anders laufen, wenn die FDP nicht so mächtig wäre.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Huh? Privacy doesn‘t seem to be one of the best selling features, is it? Well, yes, you don‘t have to use your real name, but someone posted an article today, that not even private messages here are private.

  • Looking for an awesome pub game for 2-4p!
  • Roll & Writes: We didn‘t enjoy Cartographer, it didn‘t feel exciting for us. Ganz schoen clever was another suggestion, but we‘d prefer no dice.

    5 Minute Dungeon is awesome, but I played it so many times with my kids that I can‘t stand it anymore. But great suggestion! I‘ll have a look into your other suggestions.

  • Looking for an awesome pub game for 2-4p!

    What we‘re looking for:

    • Easy to learn, hard to master
    • small footprint
    • It has to be great with both 2 or more players (up to 5)
    • exciting (push your luck or take that or similar mechanisms, maybe bluffing? A coop small engine builder tycoon game heavier than Bohnanza maybe?)

    What we already have and like, but are bad with 2p

    • The Crew: Awesome, but sucks at 2p
    • For Sale
    • High Society

    What we didn‘t enjoy:

    • Sushi Go Party
    • Cascadia (also too big)
    • King if Toyko (awesome but a bit too big, we‘d prefer a game without dice)
    • Love Letter
    • Coup
    How do you relax/unwind?
  • I switched to board games instead! There are so incredibly well designed and immersive board games now, that also can be played solo! Marvel Champions, Spirit Island, Arkham Horror The Card Game, just to name a few…

  • Do you know lovecraftian music?

    I also posted this in c/music.

    I‘m looking for some eerie background music while playing Arkham Horror.

    I imagine it to be sad, slow, creepy, eerie. I‘d prefer no singing. Maybe a small trio, bass, piano, drums?

    Although I‘m playing a horror game, the music shouldn‘t distract me by sudden loud sounds, or disturbing noises, effects or sth like that.

    Do you know albums/playlists on Apple Music that offer this kind of experience?

    Thanks a lot!


    Please help me find Lovecraftian Jazz!

    I‘m looking for some eerie background music while playing an immersive game called Arkham Horror, based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

    The stories are settled in the 20s, so I‘d love to listen to some sad, slow, creepy, eerie background music. I‘d prefer no singing. Maybe a small trio, bass, piano, drums.

    Although I‘m playing a horror game, the music shouldn‘t distract me by sudden loud sounds, or disturbing noises, effects or sth like that.

    Do you know albums/playlists on Apple Music that offer this kind of experience?

    Thanks a lot!


    Finally back in Arkham (AH LCG)



    What is the best game for the full Lovecraft experience?


    Quick! Name ONE favorite in each category!

    Your favorite lightweight game at the moment

    Your favorite game of medium weight at the moment!

    Your favorite heavyweight game at the moment!

    Your most played game of all time!

    Your favorite game of all time!

    ========== Here‘s my list:

    • King of Tokyo: Awesome art, great table presence, easy to learn, different winning conditions, always fun!

    • Tidal Blades: I love asymmetric RPGs with character customization! But I only got it to the table once. Time will tell if it holds up.

    • Arkham Horror LCG: My heaviest game atm, since I don’t find enough time for longer games. The most immersive game I played so far! I‘m impressed how this game is designed and I love my depressing roguelike experience with Lovecraft theme here!

    • Most played: Dominion.

    • World of Warcraft - The Board Game has to be my all time favorite: It reminds me of times, when we had opportunities almost monthly to get together and play these long games. Again, customizable asymmetric characters, thrilling item management and fighting mechanic, skill trees (expansion), everything I loved about the PC game was so well captured here.


    Endlich was gegen diese @&#% Pollen!!!

    Von Jahr zu Jahr wurde es schlimmer. Trotz Cetirizin, später Desloratadin, Vividrin akut in Nase und Augen - Niesattacken, laufende Nase, alles verstopft, Kopfschmerzen, Nasenbluten, Jucken, dass man sich die Augen ausreißen will.

    Dann schnürte sich mir dieses Jahr erstmals die Brust zu, als es besonders heftig war. Asthma.

    „Desensibilisierung sei aktuell nicht möglich, kommen Sie im Winter wieder. Bis dahin nehmen Sie mal Mometasonfuorat-haltiges Nasenspray. Wirkt aber erst nach ein paar Tagen, also fleißig weiter nehmen.“

    Nach 4 Tagen war es dann tatsächlich soweit. Ich bin (so gut wie) symptomfrei. Mir gehts so gut, dass ich abends fast vergesse, es zu nehmen.

    Also: Wenn ihr auch so leidet, probierts mal (nach Rücksprache in Apotheke oder Praxis). Ich wünschte, man hätte mir früher davon erzählt.


    Board games of which you prefer the digital version?

    Sometimes I love to buy the mobile version of a game, because I know my group would never play it, the setup is too much or it’s kind of expensive (Root, Gaia Project, Scythe).

    But sometimes I play a game online and realize, playing it competitively online would ruin the fun, because it’s so great I want to experience it with my friends or family (Res Arcana, Sushi Go, King of Tokyo).

    Have you experienced something similar?


    WLAN Router ohne Modem?

    Ich google mich bekloppt und werde nicht schlauer. Vielleicht kennt sich ja jemand von euch aus.

    Ich wechsle aktuell meinen Internet Tarif innerhalb von Kabel Deutschland/Vodafone und habe in meinem neuen Vertrag auf einen Router verzichtet, weil ich dachte, wenn ich mir einen kaufe, ists bestimmt billiger. Ob das schlau war oder nicht, wird sich zeigen, jedenfalls ist der neue Tarif bereits gebucht.

    Jetzt überfordert mich leider die Routersuche. Sorry, falls das sehr dumme Fragen sein sollten.

    Benötige ich einen WLAN Router mit integriertem Modem?

    Mein gemietetes Gerät von Vodafone war ein CGA6444VF. Ob der ein Modem drin hat, darüber finde ich keine verbindliche Info, außer dass Vodafone in seiner Erklärung angibt, dass alle Router ein Modem integriert haben. Also vermutlich auch dieser.

    Schließe ich daraus richtig, dass ich einen Router mit Modem benötige? Ich wohne in einem Mietshaus. Im Keller ist die Zweigstelle, in meiner Wohnung eine Buchse, die ich ohne großen Aufwand nicht einsehen kann, weil ein Schrank davor steht und angeschraubt ist. Ich vermute Ethernet.

    Vielen Dank und sorry für die blöde Frage. Freue mich über jeden kleinen Hinweis.


    Bund und Länder wollen stärker gegen homophobe Gewalt vorgehen

    Gewalttaten gegen queere Menschen sind 2022 gestiegen. Die CDU lobt Ron DeSantis „Analyse“, auch die AfD importiert den US-amerikanischen Kulturkampf, z.B. indem sie mit einem Plakat suggeriert, Transmenschen würden Kinder angreifen.

    Schön, dass die Bundesregierung das anders sieht.


    Tierschutz: Bundestag beschließt staatliches Tierhaltungslogo für Schweinefleisch

    >Die Haltungsformen werden in folgende fünf Kategorien eingeteilt:

    >- Stall: Masttierhaltung nach den gesetzlichen Mindeststandards >- Stall+Platz: mindestens 12,5 Prozent mehr Platz als bei gesetzlichen Mindeststandards sowie zusätzliche Vorgaben zur Gestaltung der Haltungsbucht >- Frischluftstall: Kontakt zum Außenklima durch mindestens eine offene Stallseite >- Auslauf/Weide: Auslauf und Haltung im Freien >- Bio: Tierhaltung nach den Anforderungen der EU-Ökoverordnung


    Wie war eure Woche? Wie wird euer Wochenende?