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It's so obvious when someone has a JavaScript background
  • If you're relatively new to programming (just got done learning Python/Java)

    I've been working in python for 6 years and am always learning new things.

    Whatever is the opposite of imposter syndrome, I think you have it.

  • The dog from the doge meme has died
  • doing a hecking upset rn

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker


    KDE's Amarok 3.0 Music Player Released After Six Year Hiatus - Now Ported To Qt5
  • Oh man, it's been a grip since I've heard Amarok mentioned. Very exciting.

  • What policy or program would you pay more taxes to support?
  • Education. Mental health facilities. Drug treatment. Healthcare.

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser


    Freshly baked free HTML template. old school and MS DOS design
  • Very nice. HamsterCMS also looks interesting. I might try to out this weekend. Nice job!

  • Advice on increasing dpad sensitivity?
  • Could it be membrane firmness is the issue, and not necessarily conductivity?

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    Jefferson Starship - Jane

    Jefferson Starship consisted of former members of Jefferson Airplane.

  • He's perfect.

  • Cat Jail.
  • When is he up for parole?

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    La Roux - In For The Kill


    Is there anything I can do with endless recaptcha's?
  • For me, it seems commonly related to anti-fingerprinting extensions, or settings in Librewolf

  • CEOs love spending an hour on the phone with sovcits.
  • Level 2 word salad unlocked! Power words now available for use: instrument, holder, trust

  • how do you do
  • 🏀🍆🏀

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    [META] Please read the stickied thread

    ...and explain the connection with the previous song in the body of your post.

    Words are the hands of the mouth
  • Gives new meaning to tongue punching a fart box.

    Or maybe it doesn't.

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up


    My vintage RC haul from today (more pics inside)
  • This brings back so many memories.

  • Matthew Perry: Los Angeles police launch investigation into actor’s death
  • Could this k-hole be any worse??

    Seriously though, did he OD on ketamine? Seems fairly uncommon, and like you'd need to take a decent amount?

  • jetson nano killed by computer bug D:
  • I'm edging right now just thinking about it

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    TLC - Kick Your Game

    Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was a member of TLC.

    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal


    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    Pantera - I'm Broken

    A fracture means something is broken.

    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker
    Roy Orbison - In Dreams

    Pennywise is a clown. In the intro Roy refers to the sandman as a "candy colored clown."

    How to cope with "Taco Bell regret"

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