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Thomas says critics are pushing 'nastiness' and calls Washington a 'hideous place'
  • It is genuinely amazing the lengths this man will go to deny his level of impropriety as if it's some grand conspiracy and not heavily documented; I am happy others are open to making his existence as miserable as he makes ours.

  • U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicle - Considering rates of 100%
  • Honestly I'd that the lives saved from transitioning to EVs quicker is worth the trade. Eventually the car manufacturers will have to compete even if it means they stop making huge cars no one needs and start making smaller ones that travel further. I'm not going to pretend us manufacturers don't abuse the fuck out of Mexico, India, and China when it comes to sourcing parts and labor, but the environment is a global win we desperately need.

  • After Buying Up Studios, Xbox Says It Doesn't Have The Resources To Run Them
  • You are free to discuss all the stuff you thought that made the title as great as you thought it was. I clearly elaborated on why I thought it wasn't a genre defining fps but your comments were all about you claiming halo is great but not really saying why or how. Did you even try to explain what parts of the game were so revolutionary? Notice you wrote 4 paragraphs but didn't mention a single aspect of the game that stood out against what was in the market at the time. You also claimed I disparaged "casuals" when I clearly talked about features that made the game easier to pick up on console (you know, the market they were targeting) compared to what was the norm. You called the genre dead and I elaborated why it wasn't and what it was up against, and to be clear, you claimed the entirety of fps as a genre was dead. Not adding the millions of pc users seems weird when it is alive in that market (and many new games being produced are proof the market had growth). What do you consider widespread usage? How do you know Halo set the benchmark and not Counter-strike or team fortress or... maybe gaming in general was just growing and it was along for the ride? Or maybe it was marketing that put it on the map? You may as well have claimed no fps existed until halo. Do you think moba as a genre is dead? Moba dwarfs other genres in viewers but it is largely pc. For console fps, i would argue goldeneye set the standard in the late 90s with its good controls, split screen multiplayer, and memorable campaign. If we're talking gameplay trends clearly more tac-like shooters based on cod and counter-strike flourished. Also I recognize esports as relatively niche but you'd also need to realize it's the 2000s and recognition of esports at all is a big achievement in terms of gaming becoming mainstream. Gaming was stigmatized for a long time and the idea of competing in it for money was a breakthrough.

    All that said, if you want to continue I don't care. It would've been nice to hear what parts of the game changed the genre but if you prefer zero substance comments I'm done here

  • After Buying Up Studios, Xbox Says It Doesn't Have The Resources To Run Them
  • Crazy take. Op was right that halo basically made fps more accessible for console players- that along with great storytelling is its real legacy. At the time, if you wanted the most out of fps games, you'd buy a PC and pick up a copy of Half-Life from a store, find an update off a shady ftp, then after install you'd have access to tons of mods giving you access to an array of truly unique experiences. Fps weren't really made for console at the time and lacked a lot of usability (I.e. aim assist was not well developed, games were way faster and also more difficult for console controls). Counter-strike paved the way with TAC shooters and streamlining fps, but again you needed Half-Life and the retail port didn't come until 2003. Halo brought a console first experience with casual play in mind, most notable: low gravity for easier positioning and easier to shoot players, spawning with a decent weapon so you weren't outclassed off spawn, limited you to carrying only two weapons for easier weapon management, slow movement, and regen so you didn't have to chase health packs. This wouldn't be complete without me actually saying what Halo was good for- Notable innovations were obviously its physics and graphics engine, extensive user input assistance (aim assist and movement assist), use of vehicles (other games were clunky and there was little to do other than drive from one point to the next), story telling, sophisticated AI, and system link. To call halo some sort of Renaissance game that vitalized a dead genre is so very weird- you do realize this was the time of Counter-strike, team fortress, unreal tournament, quake, tribes, alien vs predator... Esports was growing with CPL and ESWC, both with majority fps-only titles. I can only assume you were not alive to experience it.

  • [Feature Request] Better link handling in comments

    When someone posts a link in their comment, there are no options to copy, share, or sometimes even just view the link (I've seen this on some images that it just opens right away on a comment without even asking me, which seems a little too zealous for my taste). This is immensely useful when I don't necessarily want to open a link in the client (I.e. copy and paste to share it or maybe I want to open it in a different app). When a user long-hold presses on a link, you should get options on how to handle it. Some possible interactions are copy, share, and open in external app

    Looking for candida to replace my gaming mouse
  • This. Most mice are basically the same unless you buy a mouse designed to be taken apart. The only one that does that from the top of my head is the fantech aria xd7 (maybe their other mice too, not sure) but I cannot in good conscience recommend it as an owner of the mouse (had issues with clicks getting stuck and their rep on discord was very unhelpful and dismissive of my issue). Couldn't you clean most mice with just an air compressor?

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Honestly this argument reminds me of the age old claim that "video games causes violence" because people thought glorifying violence in video games would get you to shoot people. In reality, there is still no link between gaming and violence. Sick people hurt other people and blaming art for lack of responsibility is sad.

  • Any vertical mice with good sensors?
  • Not sure what the resolution was but I suggest a trackball mouse (something like a Logitech Ergo M575) when you're not gaming. I've had issues with wrist pain and found a combination of switching to lightweight mice, using mobile devices less, and wearing compression gloves really helps. Maybe also take a look at your posture when you're at your desk because it has a big impact

  • Interact with Communities in Search

    Often when I want to find a community, I'm just using the search function. It's great that communities show up, but why can't I interact with it? There are no options and it's just a list, but a list is pointless if you can't do anything with it. Maybe tap could take you to the community and there could be a dropdown to subscribe? This is a rather frustrating user experience as I was used to just typing a community in the rif sidebar and getting to the community I wanted.