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Broke and depressed

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What are our freedoms doing in Kuwait?
  • Okay, like two/thirds of this post are just fucking brain-dead. (Not an American btw.)

    Afghanistan and Gulf War were the most straightforward of all conflicts US has been involved in in the 21st century.

    Afghanistan - that's where the Taliban were, and the Taliban did 9/11 (kinda, Al Qaeda did, but they had ties, and bin Laden was there for a time). The only problem was that the US didn't consider the regional politics and allied with Pakistan, which was funding the Taliban, since stable Afghanistan was bad for Pakistan.

    Gulf War - he, y'know, INVADED KUWAIT! What the fuck is so difficult to understand about "Invading sovereign states is bad actually"!?

    Iraq War was bad though 100%

  • News
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

    You serious?

    For real though. Yes the CEO can get a pay cut, but that is unlikely to save more than a few individuals. The costs of labour are just that high, often the highest of all costs a company has. That's why laying off staff, although terrible, is the best way to save money for a company.

    I agree that CEOs earn waaaaay to much for what they actually do, but cutting that is not the magic solution people imagine it is.

    Even the famous pay cut by Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo was accompanied by other cost saving measures in the company, and only because Japanese law demands that layoffs be the last thing a company does.

  • A language lost to time
  • I know what the meme is supposed to represent, but the Tolkien nerd in me feels the need to correct the universal misunderstanding of the picture used.

    Frodo isn't saying he can't read the inscription on the One Ring because it's in Elvish. He actually is pretty fluent in Elvish in the novel, but the inscription on the Ring was in the Black Speech, which he couldn't recognise.

  • The ole switcharoo
  • Did anything I say imply I'm pro-Hamas? Or anti-Jewish? No, I clearly wrote that I'm anti-IDF and anti-Netanyahu government. The government that shortly before the war started was facing massive protests due to its authoritarian policies, and that is rumoured by Israeli citizen to be using the war to distract the public from its aforementioned scandals.

    You should also consider the fact that Israeli authorities propped up Hamas as a counterweight to PLO, which they feared would be able to successfully win Palestinian independence. And similarly to how Pakistan propped up the Taliban, now that the radical Islamists got into power, they begun conducting terror attacks on the territory of the country that helped them.

    "Do you ever stop to think 'Are we the baddies?'" says the person unironically supporting a government that calls its civilian victims "animals"

  • Let them haz cake!
  • Napoleon, despite the whole "overthrowing republic in favour of monarchy" thing is considered to be one of the main reasons the ideals of the Revolution managed to stick in Europe. Napoleonic Code was a piece of legislation far more progressive than most of that era, and continued to be used in many countries that were subservient to Napoleonic France until the 20th century.

  • The ole switcharoo
  • How many thousands civilians oops, pardon, "terrorists" did IDF kill until now exactly? Not a single person in their right mind would complain if IDF targeted only terrorists. But at a certain point, when civilian casualties from the retaliation far outweigh the casualties from the initial attack we need to ask ourselves "What is even the point of this?"

  • Is this gonna be like Kony? That was 12 years ago, already. I guess I can learn another one.
  • Houthi is a name of a tribe, a surname of the tribe's leader, as well as the name of a movement associated with that tribe.

    The Houthi movement is a Shi'a Islamist movement from Yemen (where about 1/3 of the population are Shi'a, and 2/3 Sunni). The movement has been on the opposing side to the Yemeni government in the long Yemeni Civil War.

    Allegedly it's supported by Iran (which Iran officially declined) and it's mottos include "Death to America" and "Death to Israel". That should explain roughly why they are causing a stir in the Red Sea region.

  • Check mate atheists
  • You seriously believe in Lamarck? Like, I don't know, I'm not a native speaker, maybe I'm missing something.

    How many fucking times do we have to repeat this: TRAITS ACQUIRED DURING LIFETIME ARE NON-INHERITABLE

    If you lose your fingers in an industrial accident, your children aren't going to be born fingerless, are they?

    Giraffes don't have long necks because one little giraffe long, long ago tried really, really hard to grow a longer neck, but because giraffes who had been born with longer necks could compete better than those without, and pass on their genes. And they got those necks due to mutations.

    Environmental pressure selects for benefitial mutations, while the mutations themselves are random. That's literally the mechanism of evolution through natural selection.

  • Looking for a great thriller?
  • That's not the part I'm disagreeing with. It's generally agreed upon, that Tokyo Ghoul is absolute trash. The first season is passable, but everything after is just not worth the time. And even that passable first season is like 5/10 at best. It's an absolute disgrace of an adaptation seeing as the original is an 8-9/10 manga.

  • I hadn’t broken Poland’s abortion laws – so why did the police raid my flat?
  • A: Read my comment again, it explains what happened, and what can be done to change this.

    B: The situation described was under the previous government. They were (for all intents and purposes) the same as Republicans when it came to abortion.

    The Polish society at large remains split (unfortunately), and the part that doesn't want legalisation of abortion is also most politically active in terms of voter mobilisation (i.e. they tend to move their asses on election days) and the moderate right (which is part of the current government) doesn't want to potentially alienate those voters.

    Right now it seems that the best course of action will be a decriminalisation, and a return to the previous status quo: abortion is legal when the life of women is at stake. This would mean that while getting one wouldn't be illegal, Polish hospitals wouldn't give you one. Any liberalisation beyond that seems to be an issue for a national referendum, which the moderate right is neutral on (i.e. they would allow one to happen, and would not stop things if liberalisation won)

  • I hadn’t broken Poland’s abortion laws – so why did the police raid my flat?
  • It's been two weeks. They've been in power for two weeks.

    And you have to understand, this isn't caused by the right-wing passing some law, oh no, no... The Constitutional Court declared abortion unconstitutional. To change this, the new government needs to either change the constitution (requires a massive majority in Parliament), or completely rebuild the current justice system, replacing the CC justices responsible for that ruling (which will take a long time). Any attempt to do it with a simple act will get struck down by the right-wing in just the same way.

    That is nothing to say about the fact that about a third of government coalition doesn't want complete legalisation, only a return to the old "compromise"

    EDIT: And they did manage to do a lot in those two weeks so far, it's not like this is the only thing they promised to do.

  • I hadn’t broken Poland’s abortion laws – so why did the police raid my flat?
  • Just so we're all on the same page:


    Just in case anyone wants to pin the blame on the new government.

    The controversy is theoretically still ongoing for this case, but on the down low, as just one part of the backlash against the restrictions put on abortions in Poland 3 years ago.